I was really worried that Peter O'Toole might sneak in and win the Academy Award this year over Forest Whitaker. I wasn't sure if Hollywood was going to get sentimental and give it to the legendary actor or actually award the best nominated performance of the year (which they did). That's not to say he didn't deserve it, but more so back in the days of Lawrence of Arabia. What worried me most, however, was how that embalming fluid was going to last under the heat of the lights. It was bad enough being subjected to numerous way-too-close-ups of the living dead O'Toole, but just think if he had won and walked onstage. Would he have taken poor presenter Reese Witherspoon and eaten her alive? Would he summon his evil scepter and claim Hollywood under the rule of Snake Mountain in his never-ending venture to vanquish He-Man? Fortunately, Whitaker triumphed and all was well. By the way, Venus, for which O'Toole won the nomination as a drunken veteran actor (big stretch), will be screened as part of the Magnolia at the Modern film series Friday through Sunday at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 3200 Darnell St. Call 817-738-9215 or visit themodern.org/magnolia.html.
April 6-8

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