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There is no shame in avoiding the crowds munching in the name of love on Valentine's Day. In fact, the best, most romantic Valentine-y celebrations I've personally been privy to have taken place before the "holiday"...thanks to scheduling issues and subsequent massive groveling. So Aqua Italian Bistro and Bar wins a place in our hearts this year with Hearts Afloat—a week's worth of fine cuisine, the Vincent Wilbanks Jazz Band and a silent auction of Melinda Johnston's art. The full menu is available Thursday through Wednesday and a four-course menu is available for $59.95 per person on Valentine's Day. Guys, that's seven days. SEVEN. All you gotta do is pick one of them and she'll forgive you if it's not on the big 1-4. Aqua is located at 4140 Lemmon Ave. For reservations, call 972-804-8278.


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