When Two Become One

It's a comparative religion fan's hottest dream: Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love, and Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul, uniting as one in a steamy mess. Of course, it'd never work in the real world. Ultimately Kamadeva would want to bring around all nine of his other incarnations, from that sly fox Ananga to Manmatha, the ladies man. And we all know Psyche’s not the kind of girl who’s up for a 10-god polyamorous romp. Nobody likes a bow-legged soul goddess. Nevertheless, the gods will unite for Kamadeva and Psyche, an exhibition themed around love and memory at the Van Ditthavong Gallery in Exposition Park. Visual art from Brian Gibb, Margarita Buenaventura, Joe Ely and others is featured. Kamadeva and Psyche runs through March 2 at the gallery, 832 Exposition Ave. Art is shown by appointment only, and admission is free. Visit vanditthavong.com.
Feb. 21-March 2, 2008

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