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Where Angel Treads

Growing up is fraught with so many pitfalls and tragedies and traumas that it’s a wonder any of us make it to adulthood. Add in a gender-identity issue, something wrapped up in so many aspects of sexuality and psychology and social identity, and you begin to think that it’s practically a miracle to see someone come through it successfully. That’s why Buck Angel is an inspiration for so many of us — straight, gay, transgendered, whomever. Born a biological female, Angel struggled with a body that he knew was a misrepresentation of who he was on the inside. Though he was a successful model, he was so uncomfortable living as a woman that he turned to drugs and alcohol, eventually ending up on the streets. Today, he is a happy, healthy man who was able to confront his demons and reconcile who he really was, a man who inspires others to be true to themselves. Meet the man himself during The Intimacy Dojo’s VIP dinner at Dish (4123 Cedar Springs Road), starting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. The event, featuring a meet-and-greet, question-and-answer session and an appearance by sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko, costs $69. Tickets may be purchased at
Thu., Sept. 27, 2012


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