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Wild West

The sun was beatin' down hotter than a hog wearing wool when the Hopwood Gang rode into town. The streets were deserted. The townsfolk knew when the Hopwood boys were on the move, the best course was to leave well enough alone--iffin' you wanted to avoid being shot dead and left for vulture bait. As Hank, the youngest of the gang, stepped through the well-worn doors of the saloon, the piano player froze still as a possum and the silent patrons looked on in fear as the sheriff slid off his barstool. "We don't want no trouble," he said, looking straight at Hank, his hand hovering near the handle of his six-shooter. "Don't you worry," Hank said, brandishing his two wiener dogs, Lucky and Sancho. "We're just here for the dachshund races."

Don't ask your history teacher; don't go to the library. Just trust us when we say, of course, dachshund racing was an integral part of the Old were motorcycle shows and "42" domino tournaments. But it's OK. We're glad that the city of Lewisville's Western Days Festival, though "designed to showcase Lewisville's rich history," includes some modern merriment, too. The more "western" activities include gunfights--in this case, simulated shootouts set during a bank robbery and a jail break--a dance, a rodeo, trick ropers and a cow-chip throwing contest. Or if you'd rather not touch cow excrement, there are plenty of other things to see such as live music, arts and crafts vendors, a quilt show and a petting zoo. Festivities abound throughout the day, but you definitely won't want to miss the Dachshund Dash at 11:30 a.m. Hey, it's an old west tradition--but watch out for that Sancho.


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