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Wish For The Future

My Dearest Muffy, You are my darling, my love, my wearer of quilted Chanel suits like it is, as the less fortunate say, "nobody's business." I write to express my painful frustration; for too long, dearest Muffy, we have been investing in contemporary art for no one's true benefit! When Whimsworth hangs our Basquiats and Rothkos in the guest bathrooms, who takes joy in them but our very own accruing assets and your heinous, nouveau riche family when they come to visit? It is time we bought art with love in our hearts! This year, we shall attend the Dallas Contemporary's 8th annual Wish! auction, extraneous punctuation or no. In this way, we may attend the Wish! "Premiere Peek Party" on Thursday and see the contemporary art that will be available on the following Saturday evening, when we will attend the Wish! auction itself. My dear, tickets are merely pocket change at $100 to $700. The auction shall be held at the Dallas Contemporary, 2801 Swiss Ave., and it shall benefit the Art Think program that brings contemporary art to at-risk students. And my dearest Muffy, if you are going to have Whimsworth purchase admission, do tell him to visit
Sat., Jan. 31, 2009


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