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"Superior old world craftsmanship" doesn't make me think of men sweating over European or Chinese workbenches. I picture my Native American ancestors. Some estimate that 40 million people lived in the Americas before European "discovery" in the 1400s. Luckily much of the artistry of these indigenous tribes have survived either as relics or in processes still passed from mother to daughter, patiently shaping everyday items out of natural found substances into museum pieces that honor both the tribe and spirits of the elements. The Women's Museum in Fair Park presents Daughters of the Earth: Icons of Native American Women, celebrating a heritage of beadwork, pottery, basketry, weaving and clothing skills and featuring work by two matriarchs of Native American pottery, Lucy Lewis and Maria Martinez. The exhibit and workshops will run through July 13. For ticket prices and information, visit thewomensmuseum.org.
May 9-July 13, 2008

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