In the not too distant past, we scoffed at what we called "indulgent pet owners," people who outfitted their furry friends with premium treats, name-brand apparel and high-end accessories.
(We're talking the Burberry dog coat and the Swarovski crystal collar.) That was, of course, before we adopted a dog and realized we really did want to eat ramen noodles so the pooch could eat organic kibble out of a sterling silver bowl. All of a sudden, we are the target market. But if you have to spoil your dog, you should spoil him the "smart way" at the Beneful Smart Spa for Dogs, a pup-preening day presented by Petropolitan magazine. While many owners reward their dogs by giving them food and treats, this event introduces other healthful, relaxing and less-fattening ways to pamper a pet. To tell the truth, we might've accidentally thrown out our gym membership card. Plus, the last time our toes saw the inside of a beauty salon, a Democrat was in the White House. On top of that, we've never had a massage, unless you count those coin-operated vibrating beds. (And, well, we don't.) But just because we've let ourselves fall into disrepair doesn't mean our pets have to let themselves go. At the Beneful Smart Spa, dogs can sample extravagances like facials, pedicures and massages--we don't treat ourselves this well. The health-conscious canine can try out the doggie treadmill or receive a nutrition consultation. Plus, the entire event is free, so even budgetwise dog "parents" can coddle their pup. It's a wonderful dog's life on Saturday at the Beneful Smart Spa for Dogs at the Deep Ellum Dog Park, on Good-Latimer Expressway between Canton and Commerce streets, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. --Michelle Martinez

Father Fairlane

We at Night & Day believe we have a say in your personal life. After all, you use us to decide what might validate your existence any given weekend. This week, we accept our role in your measly life and offer this advice: Stop resenting your father. Sure, he spent most of your childhood polishing his car while parking you in front of the television, but that's not so bad. You got to watch plenty of Small Wonder, right? Show your appreciation by taking Pops out to Big Daddy's Day Cool Car Show this weekend, where he can check out souped-up cars and local Addison eateries such as Subway and T.G.I. Friday's. It's open Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Village on the Parkway, located at Belt Line Road and the Tollway. Admission is free. --Sam Machkovech


Wouldn't it liven up your day if aliens swooped down to the Holy Land, presented the great mathematical mysteries of the universe and fessed up to being the pagan gods of the past? That is, after unveiling the Babylon stargate hidden beneath the sands of Iraq and declaring they had a little bit to do with Jesus' resurrection (who apparently was in love with the not so chaste Mary Magdalene). On Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Sterling Plaza Hotel, William Henry speculates up a scientific storm about all these possibilities through the great lens of astrophysics for those who "seek the truth." This soul-awakening event costs $50. --Desirée Henry

Reed This

Oh, the perils of such an assignment. See, the event taking place at the Dallas Zoo on Saturday benefits the Lupus Foundation, a disease that causes one's body to pull its own private Benedict Arnold. It's important. And yet, the event's called Take a Walk on the Wild Side, so automatically all we want to do is make snide references to Holly from F-L-A and the Sugar Plum Fairy like Lou Reed. Outside of live entertainment, a family-friendly atmosphere and an irrefutably good cause, details are sketchy regarding the evening's plans, but you won't need a Valium to help this bash. There. Best of both worlds. The Dallas Zoo is located at 650 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway. Call the zoo at 214-670-5656, or the Lupus Foundation at 1-800-285-2369. --Matt Hursh

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