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Did there used to be a treadmill in your living room? Did it move to the attic four years ago, where it now sits behind the stationary bike? Did you find that the problem with the stationary bike was its essence--in other words, its immobility? You were sweating, but there was no sense of accomplishment. And, we know, the 12-speed bike didn't work because Texas is cold and windy in the winter and muggy and rainy in the spring. And if you can't work out year-round, then you shouldn't work out at all, right? Running caused shin splints. The stair-stepper hurt the knees. We were never good swimmers, either. Now, walking, that's supposed to be good for you. Low impact. Increased heart rate. A real workout. On August 28, Walk Across Texas kicks off from Houston to El Paso and everywhere in between. The idea is simple: In eight weeks, either alone or with teammates, you try to log as many miles walking as you can. If you walk 830, you've walked across Texas. But that's more than 100 miles per week. Better to start slow and gauge your progress against the other people who have also signed up for Walk Across Texas, a free program put on every year since 1996 by the Texas Cooperative Extension. To register yourself or a team, go to The Dallas County event begins at 8 a.m. Saturday at White Rock Lake. --Paul Kix

Power Up
A yoga free-for-all

For an exercise fad, yoga sure has stuck around for a long time. The various styles of yoga just keep growing with good ol' downward facing dog and torturous hot room workouts. Now add to that list American Power Yoga, which incorporates a flowing series of postures to build strength and flexibility and burn calories while centering your mind. And if you fear the hot room yoga, then take solace in American Power Yoga's mild 80-degree temperature. But the real question is: Do you really want to spend an hour sweating half-naked in a room full of strangers? Find out if American Power Yoga is right for you Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at Whole Life Health Center, 5300 Mockingbird Lane. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted and will benefit the Tibetan Children's Fund. Call 469-232-YOGA or visit --Jay Webb


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