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You Are Not The Father

Maury Povich is nowhere to be found when you really need him: three men, one daughter, no idea who should walk her down the aisle during her impending nuptials. Oh, it’s not merely the formula for blockbuster daytime television, but also the story behind the beloved long-running Broadway hit Mama Mia! A romantic comedy built around the music of 1970s international pop sensation ABBA, the musical features light and lovable tunes appealing to diverse audiences, from seasoned theater-goers to the manliest of macho men (curmudgeonly Senator John McCain famously and unexpectedly counted the Swedish group as his favorite band in 2008). This spring, the sassy, feel-good comedy returns to Dallas Summer Musicals at Fair Park with an eight-show run at the Music Hall (909 1st Ave.) from Tuesday through June 3. Tickets start at $25.25 (including tax and fees) and can be ordered by calling the box office at 214-421-5678 or by visiting
May 29-June 3, 2012


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