Cheap Bastard

  • Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

    Lunch special: $5.25 buffet 7 days a week. As I was pointing and laughing at the bright orange Oompa Loompas who were leaving the B-Tan Tanning... More >>

  • Avila's Mexican Restaurant

    Lunch special: Cheese enchilada with meat sauce, beef taco, rice, beans and a drink, $7.95 Parking spots out front count: 4 Front door that... More >>

  • I Want It All

    Lunch special: Buffet $5.99 Water refills: 20 Plate refills: 20 A tasty food magnet drew my car to the "$5.99 Buffet" sign in front of Taj... More >>

  • Park It at PD’s

    Laps of parking lot required before you'll find a spot count: 15 Chip varieties count: Bites left on your plate count: 0 I saw the Web video... More >>

  • Burgers With Balls

    Lunch special: Hamburger, sweet potato chips and a drink for $9.46. Homemade root beer at the fountain count: 1 "Sofa King tasty" jokes count:... More >>

  • South Dallas Café

    Lunch specials: Monday-Friday $5.95 TVs playing soap operas: 2 Guy walking around asking if everything's OK and refilling my Kool-Aid: 1 South... More >>

  • Mooyah Burgers

    Lunch special: Burger, fries and a drink for $7.85 People in line in front of me: 15 Number of french fries in one order of french fries:... More >>

  • Big D's Dogs

    Lunch: Dog and a drink for $6.33 Times employees resist making hot dog/dick jokes a day count: 1,000 Times employees make hot dog/dick jokes a... More >>

  • Tacos y Mas

    Lunch special: three tacos, rice, beans and a drink for $6.16 Cashier yelling at her cook in Spanish count: 1 Tables and chairs indoors count:... More >>

  • Two Words: Jalapeño Sausage

    Wednesday Lunch Special: $6.39 for a meat, a veggie, a roll and a drink. Add a peach cobbler for a buck. Corona bottles filled with barbecue... More >>

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