Cheap Bastard

  • Hickory House Barbecue

    Mama Carol's teeth count: 4 Overalls count: 3 My latest rule for how to spot a good place for lunch is that if the restaurant is an actual... More >>

  • Blackjack Pizza

    Toilets in the women's restroom that are on a platform that makes you feel like your peeing onstage count: 1 Credit cards accepted count:... More >>

  • Taco Joint

    Jalapeño ranch and salsa bar count: 1 Times I was amazed by how good crispy tacos could be count: 50 Urban Taco can suck one. A big fat... More >>

  • Chef Wang

    Other people in line in front of me count: 10 Minutes before I got my food count: 5 I'll say it. I love Wang. When I get a craving for Wang,... More >>

  • Hook Line and Sinker

    Single-serving bottles of Beringer on the counter count: 8 People in line in front of me count: 4 Hook Line & Sinker is the clogged artery in... More >>

  • Alligator Café

    People eating fried whole catfish with tails and everything count: 4 Cop count: 3 When you're driving around Dallas looking for a place to eat... More >>

  • Cheap Bastard

    Times I got yelled at: 1 Slices I wish I had been able to eat: 40 I used to go to this place on Main Street called Café Ravenna, which... More >>

  • Galindo's

    Beer posters with boob girls on them count: 3 Creepy, anthropomorphized jalapeño with gloves on the menu count: 1 Known scientific fact:... More >>

  • JG's

    Fuddruckers-esque decorations count: a million and seven Patio count: 1 Sonics within a 2-mile radius count: 5 It's summer, and it's not too... More >>

  • Cowboy Chow

    Buffalo head on the wall count: 2 Dishtowel napkin on my lap count: 1 Just down the street from Commerce's burgerville, a nice little saloon... More >>

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