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  • Calais Winery

    Calais Winery

    3000 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226-1626
    214-453-2548 From this shop, rustic with faded brick, a concrete floor and an earth-tone color scheme, owner Benjamin Calais has been releasing his small-batch wines since October 2008. Customers come for the wine tastings held Wednesdays through Sundays. The tastings include not only the winery's stock but also international selections, with themed tastings held every weekend. While the establishment doesn't have a kitchen, patrons are more than welcome to order from nearby restaurants or to bring their own dishes to be paired with Calais' selection. Private and corporate events are often held here, but even if the spot isn't right for your shindig, you might very well find yourself leaving this charming place with a membership to the Wine Club. For $29.95, members receive two bottles of Calais wine every two months. More >>

  • Community Beer Company

    1530 Inspiration Dr Dallas, TX 75207

  • Community Beer Company

    1530 Inspiration Dr Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75207

  • Peticolas Brewing Co.

    2026 Farrington St. Dallas, TX 75207