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The Door (Dallas)

The Door (Dallas)

The Door first opened the doors of its Deep Ellum all-ages location back in May 1998, and it's been a popular place for young music fans to get their rocks off to the popular touring and local acts of every genre.
Plush (Dallas)

Plush (Dallas)

With its upstairs VIP area, bottle service, smoking-hot dancers and bass-heavy sound system, this ultra lounge is one of the hottest in Dallas.
The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Since 1978, The Wild Turkey has been the site of much gobbling - of food, that is -- in a rustic setting, reminiscent of a honky-tonk and sports bar combo.

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  • Beamer


    2443 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas, TX 75229

  • Beauty Bar

    Beauty Bar

    1924 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-841-9600 Straight from the '50s, Beauty Bar brings a fresh, mature venue to the Dallas bar scene. True to mid-century aesthetics, the bar's bold Atomic Age décor in gold, emerald and peach provides patrons with a hip, vintage-modern hangout, all covered floor to ceiling in glitter, glitter, glitter. Along with salon-style dryer chairs, it offers a broad import selection and martini list, and a full bar including its own house-brand vodka. Featuring a rotation of local DJs, music revolves around disco, funk, soul and electro, and during the week, guests can splurge on a dash of the glamorous with martini and manicure specials. Read more about Beauty Bar >>

  • Bella32

    15203 Knoll Trail Drive Dallas, TX 75248-3482

  • The Belmont Hotel

    The Belmont Hotel

    901 Fort Worth Ave. Dallas, TX 75208
    214-393-2300 The Belmont Hotel is Dallas' very own boutique hotel. It's a diamond in the rough, really, in the virtual no-man's-land of West Dallas. But what many people are starting to find out, including Esquire Magazine, is that it houses one of the best bars in the city. Meandering around the hotel grounds is encouraged. Pathways connect various peaceful gardens to the patio, where the eclectic-but-trendy crowds gather for well-shaken cocktails, the occasional live music performance, and a spectacular view of the city. Read more about The Belmont Hotel >>

  • Belzie's Bar

    10260 Ferguson Rd Dallas, TX 75228

  • Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

    1320 N. Peachtree Road Mesquite, TX 75149-1300

  • Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

    4000 S. Cooper St. Arlington, TX 76015

  • Bent Tree Grill

    Bent Tree Grill

    18110 Midway Road Dallas, TX 75287
    972-248-3559 Bent Tree Grill, a long-time North Dallas bar, hasn't changed much in the last 15 years. But the dimly lit speakeasy feel of its interior suits the many regulars who have been stopping by since the place opened. Low ceilings, thick carpet, and candlelight evoke comparisons to New York's Little Italy neighborhood. So too, does the menu, which features several pizzas and pasta dishes, though it also includes pub-grub staples such as chicken tenders and wings. Even if you're just looking for a place to have a drink in the Bent Tree area, you should be able to find something you'd like with ease on the bar's surprisingly complete cocktail menu and wine list. Read more about Bent Tree Grill >>

  • Benton's Lounge

    4814 S. 2nd Ave. Dallas, TX 75210-2803

  • Best Friends Club

    2620 E. Lancaster St. Fort Worth, TX 76103

  • Big Apple Sports Bar

    Big Apple Sports Bar

    14200 Trinity Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76155
    817-572-7753 Big Apple Sports Bar is located in a tiny corner of northeast Fort Worth, nestled between the cities of Euless, Grand Prairie and Irving. Despite almost being hidden in a shopping strip, this neighborhood bar has been a popular hangout for folks in all four of the aforementioned cities for nearly 20 years. According to the bartender, Big Apple has been owned and operated by Tony Gallant and his family since day one, and many of its regulars have been frequenting the place that long - drawn in by strong drink and pub-grub fare. Read more about Big Apple Sports Bar >>

  • Big Daddy's

    6001 N. Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76179-2406

  • Big Shots Sports Cafe

    Big Shots Sports Cafe

    1833 Airport Frwy Bedford, TX 76201-5734
    817-510-1310 At Big Shots Sports Cafe in Bedford, one of the newest arrivals to the Mid-Cities bar scene, sensory overload is the most popular item on the menu. The huge main room is divided by a long bar. On one side of it, you can sit at a table and enjoy several home-style offerings from the sports cafe's menu, and late-night Texas hold 'em tournaments ensue. On the other side, there's a corner stage, which features weeknight showcases of live-band karaoke and cover bands on the weekends. But be careful not to overindulge its Thursday night drink special, $1.50 vodka drinks, or you won't feel like such a big shot the next morning. Read more about Big Shots Sports Cafe >>

  • Billy Bob

    Billy Bob's Texas

    2520 Rodeo Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76164
    817-624-7117 Two-step through this enormous venue and see everything from the legendary to the unknown in country music. Western shirt optional, but the Western fare is recommended. Show up Thursday and Sunday nights for dance lessons. Read more about Billy Bob's Texas >>

  • BJ's Knotty Pine

    9901 Camp Bowie W. Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76116-1213

  • BJ's NXS

    3215 Fitzhugh Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76105

  • BJ's Place

    710 W. Jessamine St. Fort Worth, TX 76110-2633

  • BJ

    BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

    4901 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75254
    972-392-4600 This brewpub chain location, one of many in the metroplex, is packed on weekends. It's wildly popular; then again, all BJ's locations are wildly popular. It all started with a single pizza in 1978 Santa Ana, California, and BJ's first brewery-restaurant in 1996. Since then, the chain has expanded the menu into American fusion territory and standard suds offerings bolstered by seasonal rotations. The emphasis on beer is evident in the occasional beer dinners hosted with U.S. microbreweries, including Stone, and a gold medal at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival. The food menu, like the beer list, is constantly evolving. For example, 2010 additions to the dining options included a gluten-free, thin-crust pizza and fried artichokes dusted with parmesan and served with a lemon-garlic aioli. Read more about BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse >>

  • Black Dog Tavern

    903 Throckmorton St. Fort Worth, TX 76102-6321

  • Black Forest Biergarten

    Black Forest Biergarten

    1804 McMillan Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75205 The interior is small. Dark accent paneling climbs halfway up the red brick walls, which are adorned by a handful of flat-screen TVs. A copper-top bar spans the entire space, and two clear garage-style doors divide the interior from the half-covered patio, where most of the seating is. The menu, like everything else, is German-themed. Items include potato latkes, bratwursts, German potato salad, sauerkraut and a "giant Bavarian soft pretzel," which is a whopping 16 ounces and comes served with melted butter and Dusseldorf mustard. There are 10 beers on tap and while most are, of course, German, local favorite Franconia Maibock made the cut. There are also canned and bottled beer options, select wines and cocktails. Read more about Black Forest Biergarten >>

  • Black Gold Sports Bar

    10132 Crowley Road Fort Worth, TX 76036

  • Black Swan Saloon

    Black Swan Saloon

    2708 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-749-4848 Deep Ellum hasn’t been known for culinary creativity, nor has it made a name for itself in the area of mixology. But Gabe Sanchez, who opened Black Swan Saloon in 2010, seeks to change all that. In 2011, he earned the coveted Dallas Observer Best of Dallas “Best Bartender” award, thanks to his proficiency with a cocktail shaker and a conversation. The bar, built into the old Thin Room, is exactly that: a long thin room with black walls and a lone flat-screen television that sits high above the bar. In the corner opposite the door sits a stage, barely big enough to hold two musicians, but that’s all the racket you need at Black Swan – just enough to pad a conversation with a little background noise. Read more about Black Swan Saloon >>

  • BlackFriar Pub

    BlackFriar Pub

    2621 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-953-0599 Located on McKinney Avenue, this popular restaurant and bar attracts bustling Uptown crowds and folks who live in the surrounding neighborhood. Serving up a delicious selection of food from appetizers to cheese boards to burgers and sandwiches as well as an abundant beer selection, BlackFriar's menu adds up to one serious pub and grub. BlackFriar provides plenty of seating inside and out, and has one of the best patios in Dallas -- with decorative heat lamps, assorted seating, warm lighting and a full bar. Inside, the atmosphere is dimly lit and appropriately warm, with dark woods and lots of pub-style seating. Happy hour runs from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Sundays, brunch is available from noon to 4 p.m. Read more about BlackFriar Pub >>

  • Blackhorse Saloon

    2663 NE 28th St. Fort Worth, TX 76111-2921

  • Blend Lounge

    Blend Lounge

    3606 Greenville Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206

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