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Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern may be the perfect neighborhood pub. They pour solid pints of beer, serve great bar food and have an unassuming patio where you can drink to the setting sun.
It'll Do Club

It'll Do Club

Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs.
Lola's Saloon

Lola's Saloon

Since 2008, Lola's Saloon has been one of the top venues in North Texas, arguably the best in Fort Worth. Each week, local and national acts shuffle through the bar, which, perhaps thanks to the name, has a looser, more comfortable feel than others.

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  • D'Vine Wine of Grapevine

    409 S. Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76051

  • Dada


    2720 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-742-3400 For more than two decades, Dada has played a pivotal role in the Dallas music scene. Until the club shut down for a while beginning in 2009, the pulse of Dallas music could always be heard coming from the drums on the stage at Dada, located squarely in the middle of Deep Ellum. Luckily, in early 2011, City Tavern owner Josh Florence and some partners purchased and renovated the Deep Ellum mainstay. Big changes include an improved sound system, a huge outdoor stage and a bar relocated to the back of the room. The bar's brick walls are still intact, as is the corner stage where local and national bands play almost every night. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Daddy-O

    Daddy-O's Pub

    359 Lake Park Road Lewisville, TX 75057
    972-221-2600 With over 100 liquor choices, eight beers on tap and 30 bottled, Daddy-O's is a cover band, pool hall hangout with a racing vibe. Since 2009, a young, twenty to thirty-something crowd has shown up for Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday, Margarita Monday and Finally Friday, downing cheap drinks in an upbeat location. Spark plugs and stick shifts are among the menu choices, translating to jalapeño poppers and cheese sticks, and the house hot sauce "Firebird" is so hot it has a legal disclaimer on the menu. Best of all, the pub is known for having one of the best live music rooms in town and its crown jewel is a beer pong room in the back. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dallas Eagle

    5740 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75235
    214-357-4375 This is the primo leather gay club in Dallas. In fact, it's the only one. This hypermasculine joint is all about butch, beef and beer. DJ spins the techno while the gents size each other up. Don't worry, the natives don't bite but they might want to. Hot wax demos make for an interesting, if not slightly painful, experience. Convenience points for the Shades of Grey leather shop upstairs if you need a new harness. Bathrooms are dark. Translation-unless you're experienced in this scene, just hold it. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dallas Gentlemen

    Dallas Gentlemen's Club

    2117 W. NW Highway Dallas, TX 75220

    The first and only all hip-hop adult club in town boasts that its friendly staff makes the place happen, along with its four stages, two bars and free lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Eighties-style neon and white table cloths on small round tables surround one main stage, and three smaller stages dot the tiny space. It's simple and straight up, with burgers, pork chops and fajitas off the grill. High-backed booths along the back wall can be rented for the night for bottle service and table dances, and if you're lucky, it's not unheard of for famous rap and hip-hop giants to frequent the place from time to time. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Dallasite

    The Dallasite

    4822 Bryan St. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-826-3670 Though the bar itself has been open for more than 35 years, The Dallasite recently moved into its new location at the corner of Bryan Street and Fitzhugh Avenue, which is catty-corner to Jimmy's Food Store. There's a spacious patio out front, and plenty of seating inside around the large central bar. Also, "Sites," as the regulars call it, offers several arcade games including two Golden Tee machines, a pool table and shuffleboard. The bar has weekly specials and popular nights like Margarita Mondays, Tecate Tuesdays and Friday night karaoke. The restaurant side of The Dallasite shells out small plates and sandwiches, including burgers. Among the selection are jalapeño poppers, Frito pie and a chicken-fried steak sandwich that's a bit on the messy side for those who are, well, messy. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dan

    Dan's Silverleaf

    103 N. Industrial St. Denton, TX 76201
    940-320-2000 Dan's Bar: The Sequel has the homey familiarity of the original, plus its rugged wood and woven-blanket atmosphere (not to mention Chef Pam cookin' up on Wednesday nights). Tricky to locate between the square and assorted warehouses, Dan's still hosts the best of Denton's rootsier bands. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dave's Back Room Bar

    2314 Houston St. Grand Prairie, TX 75050

  • David

    David's CJ Billiard Sports Bar

    7328 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX 75214

    For more than 18 years, David CJ's Sports Bar has been tucked away on the corner of Gaston and Garland roads in East Dallas. It's a little hard to find from the street, but it remains popular as a neighborhood pool hall and a spillover bar for when things at the adjacent club, Far West, get a little too exciting. On a recent visit, the atmosphere was quiet, with patrons playing pool and watching sports on the bar's flat-screen televisions, but the stripper pole in the bar's side room suggests that things can get a little rowdy at David CJ's too. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • DD

    DD's Corner

    6644 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75235

    If you can get past the initial hesitation you have for being at the far end of Maple Avenue's industrial area, there's a warm little bar that will greet you. DD's Corner is a watering hole for the working class, generally populated by groups of construction workers, servers or industry people looking to drink without disturbance. With a few tables, several slot machines and a jukebox that won't quit, the converted little house holds a staff that knows its customers by name. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Decanter Restaurant and Wine Lounge

    Decanter Restaurant and Wine Lounge

    420 Parker Square Flower Mound, TX 75028
    214-948-0644 Decanter has situated itself as a wine destination, but it's best to focus on the upscale casual vibe that was heretofore missing from the Oak Cliff restaurant scene and admire the creativity behind the improvised chef's tasting menu and the changing roster of inventive butters served with the complimentary bread basket. The dishes don't always work, but Decanter has a steady grasp of tofu and fluency in shellfish. The pasta, handcrafted by a friend of the chef, makes for a comforting end-of-the-workday meal. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dee Lincoln

    Dee Lincoln's Tasting Room & Bubble Bar

    2101 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75201

    Dee Lincoln has a rich culinary history in Dallas, but not as a chef. The founder of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, her business prowess has made her a local dining superpower for over 20 years. Recently, though, Lincoln stepped away from her position as a purveyor of rib-eyes and started hawking Champagne to the Uptown set. Her Tasting Room & Bubble Bar offers a wide selection of bubbles by the glass or bottle, ranging in price from reasonable to stratospheric. Patrons enjoy their drinks on white leather lounge seats in the center of the room and at the pearly white bar-a stark contrast to the dark wood of Del Frisco's. The Tasting Room in the title doesn't just refer to wine; there are plenty of dinner options on the menu as well. But the wine takes center stage. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

    2820 Indiana Blvd. Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75226

  • Del Frisco

    Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House

    5251 Spring Valley Road Dallas, TX 75254-3007

  • Delaney

    Delaney's Irish Pub

    2973 W. 7th St. Fort Worth, TX 76107-2221

  • Delta Charlie's Bar & Grill

    5303 Challenger Drive Dallas, TX 75237

  • Deux Lounge

    Deux Lounge

    5321 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206
    214-484-3537 A black, marble-backed waterfall covers an entire wall of Deux Lounge's arched column interior. Spiral chandeliers dangle over the young, business-oriented clubgoers enjoying bottle service on pillowed, animal-print or patterned leather couches. Two long bars surround the dance floor, flanked on every wall by décor singularly featuring framed prints of the female eyeball. Drink prices can be a bit steep, and the club is only open on weekends. The ultra-lounge in Mockingbird Station is reminiscent of a Vegas club, so in the true VIP spirit, unless you're there early, expect to wait in line or find a way onto that list. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Diamond Jim

    Diamond Jim's Saloon

    305 Great SW Parkway Arlington, TX 76011

    For bikers, punks and metalheads, Diamond Jim's is the kick-ass live music venue where leather jackets and tattoos are king. A small stage in the dark and smoky space is the home of Rogue Radio, the house cover band, where Thursday night contestants take the stage with the band for "Rogue-okie" karaoke. Tons of tables and booths rim the mosh pit/dance floor and a balcony upstairs offers a spot to watch the action from above. There are pool tables and foosball; Tuesday nights feature the Platinum Poker Club; and for something different, the bar hosts free Latin dance lessons Sunday nights. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Dino

    Dino's Sports Bar and Grill

    2707 Race St. Fort Worth, TX 76111
    817-222-2608 Classic rock cover bands on Saturday nights make Dino's half music venue, half pool hall. It's a good old Texas bar, one large open space with lots of tables and a worn wooden bar the length of the back wall. Jäger and Tuaca shots are always three dollars, and a menu served to 3 p.m. includes a typical bar fare of wings, skins and onion rings, also with sandwiches, salads and a little Tex-Mex. Since 2008, it's been a bar out of its element in a suburban neighborhood, drawing a crowd mixed with after-work business types early and a Hispanic following late-night. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Dirty Rooster

    604 W. Bethany Allen, TX 75013

  • Dish Restaurant and Lounge

    Dish Restaurant and Lounge

    4123 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75219-3535
    214-522-3474 Modern, plush and inviting doesn't begin to describe this hot spot that hits all the concepts in the chic restaurant-lounge instruction manual. The 5500 square-foot Dish is bedazzled. It has lighting fit for a club; coves for intimate rendezvous; geometric bump-outs on the walls; chain-mail drapery; and a patio that channels an island getaway. The affordable menu includes selections with locally sourced items (barbecue braised short ribs with Lucky Layla buttery mash) as well as unique cocktails (strawberry basil margarita). It's as if nightlife impresario Tim McEneny (LIFT and Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa) and his partner/chef Doug Brown (Beyond the Box) were gunning for a sure thing. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Door

    3202 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226-1533

  • The Door Dallas

    The Door Dallas

    2513 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-742-3667 The Door first opened the doors of its Deep Ellum all-ages location back in May 1998, and it's been a popular place for young music fans to get their rocks off to the popular touring and local acts of every genre (with a slant toward pop, rock, punk rock and pop-punk). Together with its sister venue, The Prophet Bar, The Door hosts acts nearly every night of the week. An always up-to-date online calendar lets concertgoers easily find out what bands will be on which venue's stage. A large wraparound bar serves up specials. It's a huge space with plenty of room in the back where the chaperones tend to gather. Just be prepared to pay a cover. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Door Fort Worth

    2521 Rodeo Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76106
    817-624-6736 The sister club to the Deep Ellum original offers local kids, teens and adults a chance to see Christian rock groups other than in their church or a coffeehouse. (Non-Christian bands do play here as well.) A single large room with a stage in front, a non-alcoholic bar in back and that's about it. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Double-Wide


    3510 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-887-6510 Dallas' most hilariously-awesome theme bar is, without a doubt, Double Wide. True to its name, the interior of the bar is set up like the inside of a very seedy double-wide trailer. Bad paintings of nude women from the 70s and weird stuffed creatures line the wood panel walls. The patio floor is made of green Astro-turf, the patio chairs are toilets, and the small concert venue showcases some of the best local and national rock bands. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

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