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Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern may be the perfect neighborhood pub. They pour solid pints of beer, serve great bar food and have an unassuming patio where you can drink to the setting sun.
It'll Do Club

It'll Do Club

Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs.
Lola's Saloon

Lola's Saloon

Since 2008, Lola's Saloon has been one of the top venues in North Texas, arguably the best in Fort Worth. Each week, local and national acts shuffle through the bar, which, perhaps thanks to the name, has a looser, more comfortable feel than others.

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  • Eagle's Nest Sports Grill

    8455 Boat Club Road Fort Worth, TX 76179

  • Eddie

    Eddie's Sports Bar & Grill

    142 Centerville Road Garland, TX 75041
    972-271-5890 For the Garlandites who can't make it to the game, Eddie's offers tons of space and 20 big screens for all major sports events. An all-American menu with burgers, cheese fries and chicken-fried steak feeds a local patronage, mainly a mature neighborhood crowd. Live music every Thursday and Saturday changes the pace from poker Monday nights and Wednesday karaoke. With lots of room to sit and relax, it's a good spot to kick back with a beer for the game, play pool or chat in the small, enclosed patio outside for the smokers. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Eden Afterhours

    11327 Reeder Road Dallas, TX 75229

  • Eden Afterhours

    11327 Reeder Road Dallas, TX 75229

  • Eden Lounge

    Eden Lounge

    2911 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226 Open in winter 2012, Eden Lounge is as swanky as it sounds, but with warm and inviting management who accepts people of all walks through its doors. Black leather couches and accompanying tables line the walls of the sleek bar and face a dance floor lit up by overhanging neon lights. A rooftop patio offers one of the best views of the downtown skyline. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Eight Ball Billiards and Games

    Eight Ball Billiards and Games

    6792 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75231
    214-373-8925 Eight Ball Lounge has been family-owned and run since 1998. Primarily a pool hall, it also boasts foosball, air hockey, darts, shuffleboard and electric slots. Near the ceiling, a toy train chugs along the circumference of the bar, whose walls are lined with artwork that includes Godzilla with a Budweiser, Mondrian-esque installations and an elevator switchboard, making for a pleasantly disjointed combination. Dancers on the checkered floor move to the beats of a rotation of guest DJs primarily on Friday nights, and 8 Ball features daily happy hour and shot specials. The windowless dive also holds regular poker tournaments on weekends. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • El Barrio Bar

    El Barrio Bar

    5904 N. MacArthur Blvd. Irving, TX 75063
    972-401-2691 When the M Crowd Restaurant Group decided to add another Taco Diner location in Irving, they wanted to do something different. Doing so led to the installation of El Barrio Bar, a tequila room, which was a welcome addition to the popular restaurant chain and the Irving bar scene. But much like drinking tequila, there are limitations: El Barrio Bar is only open on Thursday and Friday evenings. The rest of the time, it's used as a banquet room for private parties. So if you have a hankering for one of El Barrio Bar's signature margaritas or mambo taxis, better check your calendar first. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • El Rancho Los Laureles

    El Rancho Los Laureles

    3200 E. 14th St. Plano, TX 75074

    Laureles is Spanish for, you guessed it, the mythical laurel with which they once crowned athletes and poets. You may not find an athlete or poet at El Rancho Los Laureles, but you'll definitely find the standard Tex-Mex you've come to expect. Located in East Plano, the bar/restaurant mostly caters to the Mexican community drawn from the surrounding neighborhood. On weekend nights, the restaurant transforms into a dance club, with DJs and karaoke on Saturdays. There's a party room off to the side of the main dining room available to rent. But if you want to work on your Spanish, you'd better be loud. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Elbow Room

    The Elbow Room

    3010 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-828-9488 The Elbow Room, which sits on the outskirts of Deep Ellum near Baylor Hospital, has been relatively immune to the nearby nightlife district’s ups and downs over the last decade. Even though it’s still within earshot of Trees on a loud night, this neighborhood bar has a much mellower atmosphere. The raw brick interior lines the walls, giving the bar an urban vibe while one of the best jukeboxes in town fills the air. If you’re hungry, Goodfellas, the adjacent restaurant next door, will deliver right to your table inside The Elbow Room. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Elm & Pearl

    Elm & Pearl

    2204 N. Pearl St. Dallas, TX 75201

    Looking at the front of the shoddy building, it’s difficult to know what occupies the white building on Elm Street and Pearl. But at night, a short trip around the back of the building reveals two open doors, from which neon purple lights and pounding bass emanate. If you look out of place, the security guard working the door is quick to let you know that “it’s a gay bar.” Inside, the layout is just as campy as the exterior. A plywood staircase leads to a small balcony overlooking the bar. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Elm Street Bar

    Elm Street Bar

    2812 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226

    Elm Street Bar is one of the smallest venues in Deep Ellum, but it has one of the neighborhood's loudest sound systems. That's one of the reasons it has become a center point of the Dallas dubstep scene. The abdomen-rumbling, trance-inducing bass coming from stacks of speakers in the venue's smoke-filled back room keep the long, narrow space full most nights of the week, which is something that the space's previous occupants struggled with. Elm Street Bar, however, seems to be here to stay. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Embargo


    210 E. 8th St. Fort Worth, TX 76109
    817-870-9750 Embargo, a Cuban-themed bar in Downtown Fort Worth, benefits from strong drinks and rich décor. The club, lit mostly by soft candlelight, has a stage where Latin bands perform on the weekends, plus a large dance floor. The seating is intimate with tobacco-colored wooden booths separated from the room by red velvet curtains. The round bar, behind which the bartenders furiously muddle mint leaves into strong mojitos, has seating on all sides. Ironically, though, unlike any other bar in Fort Worth - and Havana, for that matter - Embargo has a no-smoking policy. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Emerald City Grill

    Emerald City Grill

    2532 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, TX 75215
    214-421-4648 At Emerald City Grill, a southside bar with true Cheers-style pub appeal, you're just as likely to be greeted by owner K.K. Smith at the door as to bump into him while he's dancing on the dance floor. Some of the regulars at this joint southwest of Fair Park have been drinking in this spot for more than 30 years, but the bar's been known as Emerald City since 2004. Smith's kept it the kind of place where regulars keep coming back for the DJ nights, live shows, dance lessons and drink specials -- even on weekends. Emerald City has a traditional wooden dance floor surrounded by loads of seating. The bar's open from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and the menu includes typical bar fare including sandwiches and po' boys. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Empire Rock Bar

    Empire Rock Bar

    1301 Main St. Dallas, TX 75202
    214-760-9200 The block on Main Street between Field and Akard streets is one of the most popular nightlife spots in downtown Dallas. City Tavern and The Chesterfield are good for live music and lounging, while Plush and Empire Rock Bar serve as dance clubs guarded by big bouncers and velvet ropes. At Empire, once you're past that velvet, a narrow stairway leads you down to the basement that consists of a long bar and an open dancefloor. Black paint covers the wall, which has pops of decadent décor usually associated with Las Vegas. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • End Zone Sports Bar and Grill

    End Zone Sports Bar and Grill

    3033 W. Parker Road Plano, TX 75023
    972-867-3400 It doesn't get more quintessentially sporty than this Plano-based sports bar and grill. From the fluorescent and neon beer lights to the posters, flags and memorabilia, End Zone offers a full menu, mostly consisting of finger foods. There is a different daily food special every day of the week, and there's a Monday through Saturday happy hour. So, whether you want to grab a drink, watch the game, play a game of pool, shoot some darts or hang out and have a smoke on the large front-porch patio, End Zone provides it all in a low-key, laid-back manner. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Eno

    Eno's Pizza Tavern

    407 N. Bishop Ave. Dallas, TX 75208
    214-943-9200 Eno's Pizza Tavern in the heart of the Bishop Arts District, and has some delicious hunger-quenching gourmet pizza and a wide variety of craft beers to wash it down with. While regulars come for the pies, other dishes stand out: the filling bouillabaisse and the General Store salad, loaded with braised pork belly and local cheese. Eno's offers a variety of seating, diners can enjoy live music downstairs, more of a dark tavern feel upstairs, or sit out on the sidewalk and take-in the sights of the Bishop Arts District. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Ernie's Restaurant and Club

    5100 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75254-7559

  • Escapade 2001

    Escapade 2001

    10701 Finell St. Dallas, TX 75220
    214-902-6400 The manager of Escapade 2001 claims the club's dance floor is "one of the largest in the metroplex"-- beaten only by a dance floor in an old gutted Walmart. The dance floor, located in the middle of the club, is surrounded by at least a half a dozen bars on various elevated levels. The club's DJs play a variety of traditional music originating predominantly from the states in North Mexico. Expect to see more cowboy hats and boots and hear more songs with accordions than at the other dance clubs in the Escapade complex. The club gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights, but there is a huge parking lot with plenty of spaces available for all the clubs in the complex. Clubgoers only have to pay one cover charge to get into all clubs in the complex, which are all within walking distance of each other. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Escapade 2009

    Escapade 2009

    10707 Finnell St. Dallas, TX 75220
    214-902-6400 Promoted as the "Ultimate Latin Experience," Escapade 2009 is one of the largest -- if not the largest -- Latin club in Dallas that's not housed in a renovated big-box store. And that's even if you aren't counting the handful of other clubs also in the Escapade complex, which is so large that it's impossible to miss from Interstate 35 East. Flocking to the red glow of the club's massive "2009" sign every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night are waves of cars, trucks and SUVs flooding the massive parking lot of the 18-and-up club. The DJs on the Main Floor downstairs play a mix of hip hop, Latin pop and rock, while dancers upstairs glide around the many different dance floors of Club Arriba's sound-proofed rooms doing the merengue, salsa and bachata -- along with various other styles. At seemingly every turn there's another bar -- upstairs and down. And, upstairs, there's a pool room that's open to the Main Floor -- music and all. It's a great perch for people watching. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Exposition Park Neighborhood

    Between Deep Ellum and Fair Park , 75226

  • Exposition Park Neighborhood

    Between Deep Ellum and Fair Park , 75226

  • Exposition Park Neighborhood

    Between Deep Ellum and Fair Park , 75226