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The Door (Dallas)

The Door (Dallas)

The Door first opened the doors of its Deep Ellum all-ages location back in May 1998, and it's been a popular place for young music fans to get their rocks off to the popular touring and local acts of every genre.
Plush (Dallas)

Plush (Dallas)

With its upstairs VIP area, bottle service, smoking-hot dancers and bass-heavy sound system, this ultra lounge is one of the hottest in Dallas.
The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Since 1978, The Wild Turkey has been the site of much gobbling - of food, that is -- in a rustic setting, reminiscent of a honky-tonk and sports bar combo.

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  • Monroe Lounge

    3001 Knox St. Dallas, TX 75205

  • Monte Carlo

    15201 Dallas Parkway Addison, TX 75001-4609

  • Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo's

    3701 S. Cooper St. Arlington, TX 76015

    Locals enjoy cheap drinks and greasy eats in this neighborhood dive, tucked away in a shopping strip center. It's not anything flashy, just a good spot to catch the game or some live music. Thursday through Saturday bands play the corner stage; generally rock cover bands, with the occasional country touch. Domestic drafts are always two dollars, and menu items include cheese sticks, pizza, burgers and the always popular Bowl-O-Pasta. Open seven days a week, Monte Carlo's offers free pool; tables get particularly busy during happy hour. Bare bones as it may be, Monte's, as the regulars call it, is what a dive is meant to be: just a place to have a bit to drink and hang. Read more about Monte Carlo's >>

  • The Moon

    The Moon

    2911 W. Berry St. Fort Worth, TX 76111
    817-926-9600 Fort Worth's The Moon bar has been the unofficial hub of Fort Worth's music community for years. The sound system is big enough to fill a room 10 times its size, but the bar's intimate feel is what keeps it abuzz during weekend performances from Fort Worth's biggest local acts. That also might explain why the black leather chairs at the bar are all but worn through after years of patronage from musicians and students at the adjacent Texas Christian University campus. But music isn't the only reason people go to The Moon. On weeknights, the bar has cheap drink specials and routinely shows games on the pull-down screen. Read more about The Moon >>

  • Moose Lodge #1818

    2522 E. Park Row Arlington, TX 76013

  • Mr. Magoo's Club

    812 E. Felix St. Fort Worth, TX 76115-4001

  • MS Cafe

    MS Cafe

    2615 Majesty Drive Arlington, TX 76011

  • The Mucky Duck

    The Mucky Duck

    5064 Addison Circle Addison, TX 75001
    972-233-9362 The layout of Addison's Mucky Duck, much like its name, is whimsical and a little difficult to define. The brick walls give the place an urban feel, while the old wooden door and the wood bar make it feel a bit like a pub. But the brightly colored tile located all over the bar's interior and on the door turn The Mucky Duck into a funhouse for grownups. The adults who have the most fun at The Mucky Duck are those with a taste for imported and craft beers, as the bar carries more than 30 of them. Read more about The Mucky Duck >>

  • Muddy Waters

    Muddy Waters

    4314 Live Oak St. Dallas, TX 75204

    Although bathed in color-changing neon lights, Muddy Waters' interior is still so dim you can hardly find your way to the pool tables. With a cross section of various ages and races, Muddy Waters caters to crowds of working-class people rushing to get in on the bar’s cheap weekly specials, including Monday’s dollar drafts and Tuesday’s $2 wells. When slow, the bar is a watering hole for weary blue-collar workers. When busy, the bar is packed with college students dancing to DJs or watching solo-acoustic sets on the bar’s small, wooden stage. Outside, a ground-level smoking area is sectioned off by an iron gate, and can seat a handful of people who watch cars pass on Live Oak Street. Read more about Muddy Waters >>

  • The Mule Barn

    218 Highway 156 S. Justin, TX 76247

  • The Mule Pub

    5731 Locke Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76107

  • Myst Lounge

    2210 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201-4324

  • Mystique Mansion Party

    5540 N. Forty Place Dallas, TX 75252

  • Nate's Place

    2315 E. Main St. Grand Prairie, TX 75050-6144

  • National Sports Lounge

    National Sports Lounge

    3606 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-5632

  • Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill

    Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill

    10720 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75230
    214-368-1101 The menu at Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill, the latest entry in Nick Badovinus' growing empire of eateries, looks very much like the menu at his first two restaurants. But this dining room takes its name seriously, cultivating a neighborly vibe that would be hard to resist even if the food wasn't so good. Fortunately, it is: There's a masterful London broil, a meticulously composed roasted beet salad and handmade noodles many customers would probably willingly eat at every meal for the rest of their lives. The restaurant doesn't take reservations, but the best seats are at the spirited bar. Read more about Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill >>

  • Tried and True

    Tried and True

    2405 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-6942

  • Neon Beach

    2019 N. Lamar St. Dallas, TX 75202-1716

  • Neon Moon

    309 N. Great SW Parkway Arlington, TX 76011-6831

  • Neon Moon Saloon

    Neon Moon Saloon

    2509 Rodeo Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76106

    Which came first, the Neon Moon Saloon in the Stockyards or the song of the same name by Brooks & Dunn? Either way, you should know what you're getting into: cowboy hats, a mechanical bull and cheap beer. The saloon is right across from Billy Bob's and is basically the same place minus the big country acts, and without all the frills -- except the mechanical bull, of course. Neon Moon is actually two bars in one: the nightclub and the not-as-dimly-lit Silverado room, where there's a stage for karaoke and live music. Read more about Neon Moon Saloon >>

  • Neon Nights

    2725 NE 28th St. Fort Worth, TX 76111-2969

  • New Access Lounge

    2824 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75201-1626

  • New Media Recordings House

    1329 Hurley Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104

  • New O

    New O'Malley's Club

    2720 S. Zang Blvd. Dallas, TX 75224

    New O'Malley's--featured as one of "Dallas's Most Authentic Dive Bars"--is a singlewide-sized bar on a sliver of land wedged between Zang Boulevard and Interstate 35 in the heart of Oak Cliff. And whatever change prompted the addition of the word "New" to the club name on the painted brick column that has served as the dive's sign since the '60s, it has long been forgotten. Nothing about the place--not the evil-looking leprechaun mascot by the door, not the faded orange siding on the exterior of the club, not the "Free Drinks Tomorrow" sign hanging above the liquor bottles, not the gray-haired barmaid--looks new. O'Malley's hits every dive-bar stereotype as if it runs through a checklist every morning before opening. Eight-liner video slots? Check. Lingering cigarette stench? Check. Undersized, cramped bathrooms? Check. Leather-faced old-timers who look as if they've been perched on the same spot at the bar since the Nixon administration? Check and check. The club welcomes the Irish--and anyone else. Despite the name and the leprechaun, this is no pub. It doesn't even serve Guinness. Read more about New O'Malley's Club >>

  • New Solution Club

    New Solution Club

    516 E. Ave. K Grand Prairie, TX 75050

    In 1981, New Solution Club tucked itself into a small business park off the beaten path in Grand Prairie. And now, 30 years later, aside from a coat of paint on the outside of the bar and a jukebox that was updated some 10 years ago, nothing has changed. Taking a step inside this dark den is like stepping into a time machine. You'll notice that the bar still has its original leather seats, pool tables and wood-paneled walls. You'll also find some of the bar's original customers, whose solution to slake their thirst was solved years before when they became regulars. Read more about New Solution Club >>

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