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Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern may be the perfect neighborhood pub. They pour solid pints of beer, serve great bar food and have an unassuming patio where you can drink to the setting sun.
It'll Do Club

It'll Do Club

Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs.
Lola's Saloon

Lola's Saloon

Since 2008, Lola's Saloon has been one of the top venues in North Texas, arguably the best in Fort Worth. Each week, local and national acts shuffle through the bar, which, perhaps thanks to the name, has a looser, more comfortable feel than others.

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  • Dyer Street Bar

    Dyer Street Bar

    5527 Dyer St. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-282-3765 It may not be possible for a dive bar to be located this close to SMU, but Dyer Street Bar is the next best thing. The crowd is generally within five years of trading in the fake ID for a real one. It's invitingly smoky and dark, with a scarred hardwood bar, concrete floor, dartboard, a stained pool table and one cheap plastic foosball table. Other coin-operated diversions include a jukebox with a decent alt-rock selection, Silver Strike and Big Buck Hunter. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Far West

    Far West

    7331 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX 75214-4131

    Despite its name, this massive Tejano club is located in East Dallas, only minutes away from White Rock Lake. Tejano enthusiasts, scantily clad women and those looking to blow off steam come together on Far West's several dance floors. One room specializes in Tejano music, and another plays dance and hip-hop. The club also features live music and frequently operates as a banquet hall for weddings, high school dances and other private events. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Fireside Pies

    Fireside Pies

    2820 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-370-3916 While it bills itself as a neighborhood joint, Fireside Pies is still a chain, albeit a local one. It slings out crusty, pecan-wood-fired oven pizzas, like the fresh mozzarella (market tomatoes, hand-torn basil and balsamic vinegar) and the spicy Italian sausage with scamorza and roasted red onions. The rustic method of making pies is echoed by the cedar and copper design elements. Fireside negotiates a fine line between importing goods from Italy and using local ingredients. Among the latter are the mozzarella and scamorza from Paula Lambert's Mozzarella Company as well as Jimmy's sausage from Jimmy's Italian Food Store in Old East Dallas. Customers here rave about the pizza while supporting hometown business. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Gin Mill

    The Gin Mill

    1921 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-824-3343 There's a growing popularity with Prohibition-era cocktails in Dallas bars. The Gin Mill is yet another place jumping on board the trend; as the name suggests, patrons can ask for an Old Fashioned or Aviation from the bartender and not be met with a "Huh?" The Gin Mill opened on Henderson Avenue in East Dallas in the space once occupied by Bar Celine. As such, all of Bar Celine's decorations - the draping pastel-colored velvet curtains on the walls, decadent sconces and plush furniture -- have all gone untouched. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Goat

    The Goat

    7248 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX 75214
    214-327-8119 This neighborhood dive bar hosts blues bands every night, so sit back to watch the music, join in on an open jam night (or karaoke Sundays) or chill out in the back with the shuffleboard table. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Granada Theater

    Granada Theater

    3524 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-824-9933 There is a sign hanging above the stage at the Granada Theater that says "Love Yourself." What it should say is "Treat Yourself." The Granada offers much more than just bar fare. Gourmet pizza, tacos and other made-from-scratch menu items are perfect for a late night snack or a pre-concert meal. The food, as good as it is, takes a backseat to the performances in the main room. Each week, some of the world's most talented musical acts pass through on tour. And to top it off, you'll be greeted with smiles from everyone on the staff. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Green Elephant

    Green Elephant

    5627 Dyer St. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-265-1338 Although this pseudo-psychedelic SMU hangout smells like last weekend's booze, the food is above-average bar fare, and there are a dozen draft beers to choose from while you play Golden Tee. The soft tacos were tasty and non-greasy; the Italian meatball pasta was a huge portion with delicious meatballs. The 1/2-pound burgers are excellent, but skip the tepid Buffalo wings. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Henderson Tap House

    2323 N. Henderson Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206

  • Henderson Tap House

    2323 N. Henderson Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206

  • Hi/Lo

    2701 Guillot St. Dallas, TX 75204

    Part of the Mason Bar's expansion after being open only a few short months is its intimate first-floor speakeasy bar Hi/Lo. While the Mason Bar, a surprisingly good purveyor of well-balanced cocktails, is open on top, a trip downstairs reveals a different side to the coin. While Mason's main source of décor is framed concert posters from the heyday of Deep Ellum venue Trees, Hi/Lo offers a more dimly lit, plush setting. While the bar is available mostly for private parties, on a recent visit the bartender said they're toying with the idea of opening it to the public on weekends. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Humperdinks Greenville Ave.

    Humperdinks Greenville Ave.

    6050 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-1909
    214-368-1203 The bartenders at this sports bar/brewpub will do something for beer geeks that most other beer-selling establishments won't: They'll sell you growlers (64-oz glass jugs) of their brews. Since 1976, this original location of the small local chain -- then known as Original Dallas Sports Restaurant & Sports Bar -- has offered customers camaraderie and classic American and Texan food, like the Blackjack Burger or the Enchiladas Supreme. The former is topped with Jack Daniel's mustard, while the latter can be covered in cascabel chile sauce. Of course, pizzas, pastas, steaks and seafood dishes also abound. In 1991, the crew at Humperdink's began brewing beer in-house. As mentioned above, any of the award-winning seasonal and rotating varieties, including Humpkin Pumpkin Ale, Big Red IPA and Total Disorder Porter, can be ordered to go. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • J Black

    J Black's Feel Good Lounge

    2409 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-6942
    214-613-2525 This recently opened Henderson Avenue hot spot may look a lot like the original Austin location, but the designers of the Dallas branch of the "Feel Good Lounge" went with a more polished, less rock-and-roll feel that’s appropriately Dallas. The interior has the feel of a place to kick back, compatible with enjoying its top-shelf cocktails, like the sangria or the Hemingway, and chef de cuisine Bobby Weddle's casual grub. Customers can retire to either a leather couch inside or a plush banquette on the patio. They do so mostly for brunch, when the menu is long on traditional offerings -- eggs Benedict, migas, Bloody Mary. Fancy tacos, named by year, are also available. The "1993" taco includes scrambled eggs with sautéed portobello mushrooms, arugula, shallots and sun-dried tomatoes with goat cheese. The bar’s happy hour offers $1 off all drinks, 25 percent discounts on bottles of wine and half off select sharing plates, like pitas and hummus or the tasty fried macaroni-and-cheese balls. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Kinki Lounge

    Kinki Lounge

    3606 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-5632
    214-874-0400 According to promotional info on its website, Kinki Lounge is named for a region in Japan. But its mood is certainly enhanced by its kinky goings-on during theme nights like Provocateur Saturdays, which includes everything from go-go "dancers" and fire-eaters to "the horseman," a guy who gives clubgoers a ride on his back. In the back of the club, there's a glass-enclosed VIP room known as the Taboo Room that makes for a great place to watch the rest of the action, and even has its own separate bar, bartender and bottle service. Kinki's main bar is in the center of the lounge, and its cocktail waitresses and bottle servers wear uniforms that basically amount to lingerie and fishnet stockings. It's a dance club and lounge, and on Friday and Saturday nights, expect lines to get in, so, naturally, it helps to look good or be on the list. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Kismet Lounge

    Kismet Lounge

    3707 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-823-8883 With plush red velvet seating lining the walls, a spacious dance floor, and a long bar complete with an aquarium filled with exotic fish, this spot -- equal parts hookah bar, lounge, and dance club -- makes for a great hangout spot after eating at one of the nearby eateries on Lower Greenville Avenue. You can share a hookah under the bar's fiber optic twinkling "star-light" ceiling or sip on one of the unique creations from the specialty martini menu, which includes signature drinks like Pink In The Middle and Turkish Coffee Martini, the latter of which tastes just like liquid tiramisu. The booths can be reserved if you want bottle service while puffing on a hookah. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Ku De Ta

    Ku De Ta

    3113 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

    Ku De Ta in Uptown earns its slogan “Dallas' Premier Aqua Lounge and Day Club” for its many spacious rooms, upscale bars with signature cocktails and most impressively, its outdoor pool. Although a club membership to Ku De Ta is required to use all of its features, the club is open to the public after 9 p.m. on Thursdays through Sundays. The pool and daylight hours, however, are reserved exclusively for people with memberships. On the weekends, when Uptown's young, attractive residents flood the space, the DJs, dancing and laser lights come out. The club hosts several events throughout the year, including fashion shows, DJ sets and summer parties. Ku De Ta is one of the many Uptown spots to hit if you're in the mood to see and be seen. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Kung Fu Saloon

    Kung Fu Saloon

    2911 Routh St. Dallas, TX 75201

  • Kush Mediterranean Bar & Grill

    Kush Mediterranean Bar & Grill

    2100 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-821-8997 Kush's front-to-back blue lighting and contemporary décor create a laid-back feel, inside and out, and the covered patio makes for a great place to relax during happy hour. This hookah lounge and Mediterranean bar and grill just recently started serving lunch (featuring some great on-a-budget offerings, like a burger, fries and a beer for under $5), but the place's real strong point is the nightlife. The lounge feature DJs most nights of the week with no cover and on Tuesdays serves up $2 draft beers, shots and a wide assortment of drinks from whiskey and coke to tequila sunrise to sex on the beach, which, by the way, is also one of the available shisha flavors you can order to smoke in a hookah. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Lake House Bar & Grill

    7510 E. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75214

  • Lake House Bar and Grill

    Lake House Bar and Grill

    7510 E. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75214
    214-957-4412 Located less than a mile away from White Rock Lake, just off of Northwest Highway, Lake House Bar & Grill is a far cry from an actual lake house. Although the lake house theme saturates every bit of the bar's decor, from water lifesavers to paddles, the bar's building sits in a parking lot, faces a highway and has not a single view of the water. What makes up for the misleading name is the bar's attentive service, neighborhood-friendly atmosphere and very affordable prices. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Lakewood Growler

    6448 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75214

  • Lakewood Growler

    6448 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75214

  • Lakewood Landing

    Lakewood Landing

    5818 Live Oak St. Dallas, TX 75214
    214-823-2410 The place's slogan, "An Upscale Dive," presents two problems. First, many would make the argument that it's a contradiction in terms. And second, there's the matter of self-identification: A dive can't know it's a dive. Yet it still qualifies as one of "Dallas's Most Authentic Dive Bar". In the Landing's defense, the food and drinks are cheap, and the place welcomes all to come and slump into one of its booths dimly lit by a vintage Bud lamp. Decoration is mostly of the sentimental variety, with photos of beloved regulars and a shrine to the late, beehived waitress Lucille. The CD jukebox is heavy on local bands, indie-rock and classic country, and the menu offers up everything from burgers to tacos. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Lakewood

    Lakewood's 1st & 10

    6465 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75214-2454
    214-826-0110 Strewn with sports memorabilia and about 97 big-screen TVs, this clean, spacious bar exists for one purpose and one purpose only: sports. That said, if the game on TV doesn't hold your attention, the Barbie-doll waitresses, fried bar food, signature cocktails and pricey draft beers will. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Libertine Bar

    The Libertine Bar

    2101 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-824-7900 The Libertine is a small free-standing building designed to look like a colonial-era tavern. Located just north of Lower Greenville's club scene, the bar attracts foodies and beer snobs alike. The place is known for spinning excellent indie rock music, and for its five-course beer-pairing dinners dinners. The menu goes beyond typical pub grub, too. Among the hits are the cheese board, with selections that change weekly; steak au poivre with potatoes au gratin in a port-wine reduction; and pulled pork tacos. Of course, if you want to slum it, wings and PBR are available. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Lizard Lounge

    Lizard Lounge

    2424 Swiss Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-826-4768 Maybe best known for hosting goth-friendly "The Church" on Sunday nights, Lizard Lounge also features some of the world's best DJs on a regular basis. Several rooms plus a rooftop deck offer a good combination of dance floor and dark corners. Fun fact: Madonna tried to buy this place. Yes, that Madonna. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

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