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The Door (Dallas)

The Door (Dallas)

The Door first opened the doors of its Deep Ellum all-ages location back in May 1998, and it's been a popular place for young music fans to get their rocks off to the popular touring and local acts of every genre.
Plush (Dallas)

Plush (Dallas)

With its upstairs VIP area, bottle service, smoking-hot dancers and bass-heavy sound system, this ultra lounge is one of the hottest in Dallas.
The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Since 1978, The Wild Turkey has been the site of much gobbling - of food, that is -- in a rustic setting, reminiscent of a honky-tonk and sports bar combo.

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  • Tried and True

    Tried and True

    2405 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-6942

  • O'Dowds Little Dublin

    2614 Mckinney Ave Dallas, TX 75204-2558

  • O:T: Tavern

    O:T: Tavern

    3603A Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-826-7500 Before the O:T: Tavern set up shop on Greenville Avenue, its location was home to National Sports Lounge, an over-the-top sports bar. O:T: Tavern has toned down the sports attitude a bit and made bigger changes in the area of food and service. In addition to its well-stocked bar, O:T: Tavern boasts a full menu of made-from-scratch food. And while National Sports Lounge was a certifiable breastaurant, the staff at O:T: Tavern is less scantily clad, which results in more eyes turning to the projection screens and televisions on the wall. After all, it's a sports bar. Read more about O:T: Tavern >>

  • The Old Crow

    The Old Crow

    1911 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-7438

    Utterly unremarkable and unpretentious, The Old Crow is the perfect spot on Lower Greenville if you just want to have a few cheap beers, watch a game and maybe shoot a round of stick or throw some darts. From the plywood floor to the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Busch Light to the random assortment of yard-sale decorations, this dive is perfectly un-Dallas. Read more about The Old Crow >>

  • The Old Monk

    The Old Monk

    2847 Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-821-1880 Just on the basis of suds alone, this English-style pub chugs up high marks with brews from 10 countries including three varieties of Chimay, the heady Belgian beer brewed by Trappist Monks. But Old Monk has other charms, too, from its dark wood paneling fashioned from confessional booths to its bar tables rendered from old barrels. Plus, it has decent bar fodder, including Belgian-style steamed mussels, cheese boards, frites and a German sausage plate. Go for the head, but stay for the belly. Check out the new seasonal beer. Read more about The Old Monk >>

  • Ozona Grill & Bar

    Ozona Grill & Bar

    4615 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-265-9105 Ozona Bar and Grill is named after the tiny, unincorporated West Texas town of Ozona. A town that happens to be the one-and-only town in all of the vast expanse that is Crockett County, and whose motto happens to be "The Biggest Little Town in the World." So Ozona's a fitting name for a bar and grill with "The Biggest Little Award-winning Patio In Dallas." With trees, vegetation and fencing separating the multi-level patio from Greenville Avenue, it's no wonder that the place is a popular happy hours (and beyond) spot for such a great cross-section of Dallas. Naturally, the patio's typically hoppin' in the summer months. The menu offers everything from Tex Mex to steaks to burgers and chicken-fried steak. Read more about Ozona Grill & Bar >>

  • Pandora Box

    4814 E Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75223-2910

  • The People

    The People's Last Stand

    5319 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206
    214-370-8755 According to the Facebook page for The People's Last Stand, they don't have any bartenders. Rather, they have a team of mixologists. The bar, located on the second floor of Mockingbird Station next to Trinity Hall, has a wide open feel. The front and side wall, both made of glass, look in on the rounded bar, large open lounge area and high ceiling. The drinks are all well thought out and carefully concocted, each with a different twist. For example, the Old Fashioned is made with maple syrup, rather than simple syrup or sugar, and it's served with a reasonable $8 price tag. Read more about The People's Last Stand >>

  • Playhouse Lounge

    313 N. Collett Ave. Dallas, TX 75214-5410

  • The Porch

    The Porch

    2912 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-6403
    214-828-2916 In the heat of summer, finding places to have a drink that aren't dark and air-conditioned caves becomes a challenge. Enter Henderson Avenue's The Porch, a casual brasserie for those of us with no veranda at home. When the heat comes, fans blow a cooling but oddly humid mist that does its best to keep despair at bay. You could have a few pints here, swilling them down while enjoying a fried-chicken salad you wanted to be healthy but which is definitely not. If you'd rather be honest with yourself, you could go with the Stodg burger, named after Dallas lawyer Steve Stodghill. It's packed with tomato, onion, melted cheddar and a fried egg on a bun smeared with foie gras butter. Other stand-out decadent dishes include a baked mac and cheese accented with cubes of smoked ham and crusted in panko, and sliders heaped with brisket and slaw. You wish you had a porch like this at home. Read more about The Porch >>

  • The Pour House

    The Pour House

    1919 Skillman Dallas, TX 75206
    214-824-1170 This neighborhood bar and restaurant with popular weekly bar-food specials feels more like a casual-dining restaurant than your average sports bar. With a weekday happy hour that's popular in the neighborhood, plus $1 mini burgers on Mondays and 25-cent wings on Tuesdays, the bar's tables fill up early and the patio fills up on not-too-hot evenings. The good thing is, unlike nearby Greenville Avenue spots, patrons don't have to worry about parking because The Pour House is located in a strip shopping mall in Lakewood. Inside, the digital jukebox pumps Top 40 hits while regulars take turns pumping quarters into video games, vying for top scores on video games like Big Buck Hunter. And, thanks to several well-positioned, large-sized flatscreens, no matter where you're sitting you're guaranteed a good view. Read more about The Pour House >>

  • PT's Gentlemen's Club

    4875 W. Lawther Drive Dallas, TX 75214-1823

  • Salt


    3121 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-821-8035 Ku De Ta in Uptown earns its slogan “Dallas' Premier Aqua Lounge and Day Club” for its many spacious rooms, upscale bars with signature cocktails and most impressively, its outdoor pool. Although a club membership to Ku De Ta is required to use all of its features, the club is open to the public after 9 p.m. on Thursdays through Sundays. The pool and daylight hours, however, are reserved exclusively for people with memberships. On the weekends, when Uptown's young, attractive residents flood the space, the DJs, dancing and laser lights come out. The club hosts several events throughout the year, including fashion shows, DJ sets and summer parties. Ku De Ta is one of the many Uptown spots to hit if you're in the mood to see and be seen. Read more about Salt >>

  • San Francisco Rose

    San Francisco Rose

    3024 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-826-2020 This Greenville Avenue classic offers typical bar fare, including burgers, sandwiches and pizza, and with several HD TVs blasting the big game, it's the perfect spot to have a beer and support your team of choice. Much of the food is good, not great, but don't miss the sweet potato fries, which are crispy and lightly sweet and go great with a cold drink. Free valet parking helps sweeten the deal. Read more about San Francisco Rose >>

  • Sandy's

    1924 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-7362

  • Sense

    3001 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-6404

  • Service Bar

    Service Bar

    1919 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206

    This grimy Lower Greenville drinking spot may be dark. And yeah, it may sometimes smell like sewage, now that the smoking ban keeps it from smelling like a comparably rosy ashtray. But the patio makes for a nice place to chill out, and the drink specials will have you too drunk to care in a hurry. Read more about Service Bar >>

  • Ships Lounge

    Ships Lounge

    1613 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206

    Ships is one of the oldest dives in town and it sits in between the Lower Greenville club scene and an old East Dallas neighborhood. Visiting Ships on any evening offers a one-of-a-kind look into what happens when the two worlds collide. On one end of the bar, you'll see folks who've been regulars since the bar opened some 50 years ago. And, just a few seats down, you'll usually see musicians and artists mixed in with people trying to catch a game on TV. The older regulars like to keep the place quiet, and they enforce a strict no-cussing policy. So be prepared to use your inside voices-or at least keep it to a dull roar. Ships has all the charm of an old-school neighborhood dive, but the people you'll rub elbows with there make the place such an interesting bar. The cozy, welcoming place dates back to the '50s and has been owned by Charlie Red around 30 years. Red may be the reason there are few patrons disturbing the peace at Ships. One barmaid says he's been known to break his own no-cussing/no-fighting rules when it comes to enforcing order. But he's also the kind of peacekeeper who's willing to buy a round for the house after enjoying a few himself. Ships shows every second of its age in its attitude and catch-as-catch-can decor. A cramped walkway separates the bar from a row of tiny booths, a set-up better suited to quiet conversation than group commotion. As its name implies, there's a nautical theme, from the anchor design upholstered to the blue padding on the front door to the submerged treasure chest painted on a closet in the back. Pieces of the glossy black ceiling are peeling off in sheets, and the men's and women's closet-sized restrooms share a common sink. Don't bother pulling out your plastic here: The antique brass cash register is just that-a cash register--ready to make change for the Best of Dallas-winning jukebox stocked with classic Motown, country, soul and blues. And while it may be beer and (boxed) wine only, Ships is a great place to watch the Cowboys, as happy hour prices ($1.25 drafts) apply during the game. There's a sizable flat-screen behind the pool table but the older regulars seem to prefer the smaller set by the front door. Ships is the kind of place its loyal patrons can depend on. The sign says its hours are 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day, but one bartender explains that whoever opens will usually relent for the early birds waiting outside. And every day means every day--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. Read more about Ships Lounge >>

  • Single Wide

    Single Wide

    2110 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206

    Just days before it would have turned 26, Lower Greenville dive bar The Winedale Tavern shuttered its doors. Weeks later, Kim Finch opened The Single Wide in its place, the neighborhood's answer to Finch's other bar, The Double Wide in Deep Ellum. Just as her other bar pokes fun at redneck culture, The Single Wide does the same. One of the bar's walls is decorated with old hubcaps, another is covered with old deer head trophies, and in the corner sits a fully functional Elvis Presley pinball machine. The drink menu follows suit with "Yoohoo Yeehaw," "Hurritang" and "Boone's Farm Martini." Read more about Single Wide >>

  • Slice New York Style Pizza & Bar

    2010 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-7167

  • The Slip Inn

    The Slip Inn

    1806 McMillan Ave. Dallas, TX 75206

    Despite its trendy Henderson locale, The Slip Inn feels every bit like an inner-city underground club, helped by the red neon lighting and black vinyl seating. The bar makes for an excellent hangout with a 3 to 8 p.m. nightly happy hour, booth seating in back and DJs spinning hip-hop every night of the week. Up for a game of pool? The Slip Inn has a pool table and holds a 9-ball tournament on the last Tuesday of every month. Read more about The Slip Inn >>

  • SMU Boulevard Ice House

    SMU Boulevard Ice House

    5625 Yale Blvd. Dallas, TX 75206

    Located on the opposite side of Central Expressway from Southern Methodist University, SMU Boulevard Ice House used to be known as the Yale Ice House before the city went and changed the name of the street out front. It's owned and operated by Phillip Leitch, who also owns Across the Street Bar next door. Just park anywhere in the area and you can walk to any of the popular happy hours and after-hours hangouts in the neighborhood. This bare-bones bar has an open-air patio with plenty of seating. Oh, and Leitch says, "There's always $5 pitchers of whatever's on draft, like Coors Light, Bud Light or Shock Top." Read more about SMU Boulevard Ice House >>

  • Sonrisas Bar

    3244 Samuell Blvd. Dallas, TX 75223-1708

  • Spy Nightclub

    Matilda St. Dallas, TX 75206

  • St. John's Tavern

    2908 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-880-1700 Most college bars operate on penny pitchers of cheap beer and watered-down wells, but when your business counts on kids from Southern Methodist University, those rules typically don’t apply. St. John’s Tavern, located in Uptown on McKinney Avenue, is an exception to that rule. Its large, two-tiered, wooden deck patio, which offers a great view of people walking on the street, is enough of a draw. On weekdays, when the college crowd is thin, business people head to St. John’s for lunch and a beer. The 20 taps on the wall don’t boast anything too special, just a few popular craft brews and domestics. Read more about St. John's Tavern >>

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