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Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern may be the perfect neighborhood pub. They pour solid pints of beer, serve great bar food and have an unassuming patio where you can drink to the setting sun.
It'll Do Club

It'll Do Club

Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs.
Lola's Saloon

Lola's Saloon

Since 2008, Lola's Saloon has been one of the top venues in North Texas, arguably the best in Fort Worth. Each week, local and national acts shuffle through the bar, which, perhaps thanks to the name, has a looser, more comfortable feel than others.

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  • Ad-Libs


    2626 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-754-7050 Ad-Libs is an American Comedy Improv Troupe performing since 1986. Ad-Libs has entertained and amazed crowds, at its cabaret style theater in Dallas and across the country... combining video, scripted & improvisational comedy all uniquely blended with plenty of audience participation. Weekly Shows: Fridays & Saturdays @ 9 pm. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Amsterdam Bar

    The Amsterdam Bar

    831 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX 75226-1743
    214-827-3433 The Amsterdam Bar is by far one of the coolest bars in town. It's set up like a European-style bar, with a heavy German and Belgian beer menu. There is vintage fat-tire bicycle that hangs above the entrance. The huge backyard is perfect to sit out and catch the occasional band on warm summer nights. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • B7

    2707 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-212-2961 Vintage store. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Blu Cloud Lounge & Restaurant

    2604 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226

  • Craft and Growler

    Craft and Growler

    3601 Parry Ave. Dallas, TX 75226

    Officially open in November of 2012, Craft & Growler's warm mahogany interior initially seems better suited for a New England setting, although the beer list proves otherwise. The bar's 30 taps cover a diverse selection of craft beers, with a focus on Texas and Dallas-area microbrews. Apart from an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff of beer snobs, the cozy bar offers a unique service: You can choose from a wide selection of beer growlers, or bring your own growler and fill it with any of the tap beers to enjoy at home. A haven for beer-lovers of every sort, Craft & Growler is the sort of place that Hemingway would have frequented to finish a novel. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Curtain Club

    Curtain Club

    2800 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-742-6207 Sit outside and people watch, or find a smattering of local acts inside. Curtain gives baby bands their first shot, and the granddaddies of Texas music get a nice stage to come home to. An interesting detail, the walls are covered with local artist Cabe Booth's portraiture of headlining artists. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

    2820 Indiana Blvd. Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75226

  • Door

    3202 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226-1533

  • Eden Lounge

    Eden Lounge

    2911 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226 Open in winter 2012, Eden Lounge is as swanky as it sounds, but with warm and inviting management who accepts people of all walks through its doors. Black leather couches and accompanying tables line the walls of the sleek bar and face a dance floor lit up by overhanging neon lights. A rooftop patio offers one of the best views of the downtown skyline. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • It

    It'll Do Club

    4322 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226-1133

    Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs, but without falling privy to any pretentiousness. Young adults, students and trendsetters of every variety gather to dance to the beat of underground DJs spinning everything from indie rock-infused tracks to old school hip-hop mash-ups. It'll Do is the type of club where you are free to dance how you feel--the type of dancing and singing that you do with your hairbrush microphone, in your rubber ducky robe after a shower. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Le Vu

    Le Vu'

    2505 Pacific Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-280-0738 Le Vu’ is an upscale dance club and lounge on Pacific Avenue that got people talking early in its run. With a top-shelf bar, VIP booths, bottle service and expansive dance floor, the club is a dwelling for Dallas socialites looking to see and be seen. A large marble wrap-around bar is fixated in the center of the room, while booths and tables line the walls. DJs sit high in a booth that overlooks the dance floor, saturated in changeable neon lights and mirrors. A small, walled-off section in the back of the club features a smaller, less crowded bar for those looking to mingle and chat. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Meridian Room

    The Meridian Room

    3611 Parry Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-826-8383 This stalwart of Exposition Park has been a popular hangout for discerning bar goers in Dallas for well over a decade. There isn't a specific draw. Rather, discovering the bar's subtleties will make you a regular, just like the Expo Park dwellers and music fans who hang out in the nearby Deep Ellum neighborhood. The way the sun creates long shadows that fill the narrow space in the late afternoon is sublime, especially with a two- or three-beer buzz. A rotation of local artwork covers one wall, while a tall wooden case holds hundreds of bottles behind the bar on the other side. And the food, a selection of high-brow pub grub, is great for dinner or a late-night snack. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Old Mill Inn

    Old Mill Inn

    1112 First Ave. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Queen City Hall

    115 N. Carroll Ave. Dallas, TX 75226

  • Sandaga 813

    Sandaga 813

    813 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-616-0802 If Exposition Park is the jazz capital of Dallas, saxophonist Shelley Carroll is king. One such venue at which he performs regularly is Sandaga 813, located on Exposition Avenue in the space formerly occupied by Minc. Not much about the atmosphere has changed. The lounge area along the exposed brick wall is covered by a hut-style canopy. And the chairs and cocktail tables in the middle of the room can be easily removed when DJs spin on the weekends. But really, weeknights are where it's at. The grown-folks crowd, low lighting and really impressive jazz make for a one-of-a-kind experience in Dallas. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Sandbar Cantina and Grill

    Sandbar Cantina and Grill

    317 S. 2nd Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-647-1424 The Sandbar Cantina and Grill, a massive sprawl of white sand volleyball courts in that sort of untouched southeastern section of Deep Ellum, features six courts, all of them regulation size, all of them beautiful. Owner Mike Morgan says the most common reaction he gets when new patrons stumble upon the bar is “Holy shit, I'm at a white sand beach, not an unpretentious bar.” He also says there are plans for expansion. Soon, more courts will be built and a second story will be added to the indoor space, which houses a full bar and working kitchen serving Baja-style grub. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Three Links

    Three Links

    2704 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226 Filling the space that was once rock music venue La Grange, Three Links has found a home in Deep Ellum. Opened and operated by three Dallas music and arts scene veterans -- former La Grange manager Scott Beggs, Tactic Productions talent buyer Kris Youmans and Elm Street Tattoo owner and tattoo artist Oliver Peck -- Three Links hosts an array of rock, hardcore, indie pop and electronic bands from inside and outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Beyond a conjoined taco shop next to it, a newly built stage and some different decor, old La Grange regulars won't notice much of a difference between the spaces. The building still has the same great outdoor patio around back. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Twilite Lounge

    2640 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226

  • Wits End

    Wits End

    2724 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226

    Taking over the spot that used to be rock 'n' roll music venue The Bone, Deep Ellum's Wit's End is carrying the torch. With just a handful of beers on tap and a decent liquor selection, Wit's End is the place you go to catch live local bands. A bar, main stage and plenty of seating entertain the downstairs crowd while a large rooftop patio, smaller stage and speakers project live music into the Dallas night. For people walking down Elm Street, the hoots and hollers of twentysomethings and show-goers on the building's rooftop entice those looking for something loud and fun to get into. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>