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The Door (Dallas)

The Door (Dallas)

The Door first opened the doors of its Deep Ellum all-ages location back in May 1998, and it's been a popular place for young music fans to get their rocks off to the popular touring and local acts of every genre.
Plush (Dallas)

Plush (Dallas)

With its upstairs VIP area, bottle service, smoking-hot dancers and bass-heavy sound system, this ultra lounge is one of the hottest in Dallas.
The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Since 1978, The Wild Turkey has been the site of much gobbling - of food, that is -- in a rustic setting, reminiscent of a honky-tonk and sports bar combo.

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  • Buffalo Bros

    Buffalo Bros

    3015 S. University Drive Fort Worth, TX 76109
    817-386-9601 Buffalo Bros is a TCU neighborhood hangout. We are located just off the TCU college campus on South University drive. Buffalo Bros was established to bring an authentic taste and flavors of Buffalo, NY to Fort Worth. Buffalo, NY is known as the City of Good Neighbors due to its friendly citizens, inviting restaurants, bars and lifestyle. Buffalonians are fanatic about their local unique cuisine. We proudly feature this cuisine, which includes Wings (done the right way), Beef on Weck, Sahlen Hot Dogs, Bison French Onion Chip Dip, Weber’s Horseradish Mustard, Loganberry and Birch Beer. At Buffalo Bros, we take great pride in having friendly and courteous staff to introduce you to the spirit of Buffalo Good Neighbors. Buffalo Bros caters to the TCU sports fan by offering 22 HD TV’s and every sports package that Direct TV offers. We proudly display any TCU sporting event or any major sporting event on as many of those TV’s as possible. At Buffalo Bros we offer a place where students, alumni, friends, and neighborhood families all come together for great food and service in a fun atmosphere which is perfect for any occasion. Read more about Buffalo Bros >>

  • Bungalow Cocktail Lounge

    105 Roberts Cut Off Road Fort Worth, TX 76114-3602

  • Cabaret North

    Cabaret North

    5316 Superior Parkway Fort Worth, TX 76106-1706

  • Cafingos

    605 Houston St. Fort Worth, TX 76102

  • Cantina Cadillac

    124 W. Exchange Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76164-8507

  • Capital Bar

    Capital Bar

    3017 Morton St. Fort Worth, TX 76107-2927
    817-820-0049 For its young professionals and college crowd, Capital Bar offers a chic, upscale vibe. Candle-lit tables inside abut the black stone bar top, with happy hour all day Sunday through Wednesday. A covered rooftop lounge area with an additional bar overlooks a huge outdoor stage and seating area. Weekends you can see live DJs and bands, and local musicians get into the spotlight every Tuesday. Inside, a baby stage with projector screen occupies a smaller room off the main space, executed with soft earth-tone décor accented with corrugated metal and wood. For the early crowd looking for a quiet spot to sit out rush hour traffic, Capital Bar offers drink specials that last until 8 p.m. each Thursday through Saturday. Read more about Capital Bar >>

  • Cardona's Authentic Mexican

    140 E. Exchange Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76106

  • Carroll's Rock House

    5137 Azle Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76114-1435

  • Cassidy's

    2540 Meacham Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76106

  • CC's Bar

    2724 Kimbo Road Fort Worth, TX 76111-3006

  • The Cellar

    The Cellar

    2916 W. Berry St. Fort Worth, TX 76109

    One of Fort Worth's oldest and most aptly named dives, The Cellar is full of character. A walk through the narrow entrance, then down a dark, crooked stairway opens up to a low-lit den with a U-shaped bar. The low-hanging ceiling, held up by walls made of huge stones, gives it a warm basement feel. There's nothing contrived about The Cellar's whimsy, and to say the place has aged gracefully wouldn't be true. But all the imperfections serve as part of The Cellar's charm, which is probably the reason it's a hangout for college kids-that, and the fact that it's near Texas Christian University. It's also popular with musicians playing at the neighboring Aardvark and Moon Bar. Read more about The Cellar >>

  • Cendera Center

    Cendera Center

    3600 Benbrook Hwy Fort Worth, TX 76116

  • Charlie Browns Club

    2732 E. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76103-2804

  • The Chat Room Pub

    The Chat Room Pub

    1263 W. Magnolia Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104
    817-922-8319 This Fort Worth bar had built a devoted clientele of regulars in more than five years as a Fairmount-area hangout until musician Brad Hensarling took over ownership from Jon Carney during a dark period in Fort Worth's music history, as the Wreck Room and the Black Dog Tavern were shutting their doors, thanks to massive redevelopment projects in the Seventh Street area. Hensarling's musician friends needed a place to play. Turns out, the Oriental rug along the bar's painting-festooned back wall does quite nicely as an improvised stage. Bartender Ben Rogers works with The Roman Seasonal to book acts and runs sound during the shows. Both see The Chat Room as part of a larger neighborhood effort to keep ownership local and offer an alternative to those who don't want to hang out with the Yuppies, frat boys or tourists drawn to other parts of Cowtown. Read more about The Chat Room Pub >>

  • Circle M Saloon

    2929 Alta Mere Dr Fort Worth, TX 76116-4184

  • City Club of Fort Worth

    City Club of Fort Worth

    301 Commerce Street Fort Worth, TX 76102
    817-878-4000 Private club. Membership required. Read more about City Club of Fort Worth >>

  • Club 412

    6481 SW Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76109

  • Club 80

    9530 U.S. 80 Fort Worth, TX 76116

  • Coconuts Night Club & Sports

    6861 Green Oaks Road Fort Worth, TX 76116-1737

  • Company Lounge

    3754 Hemphill St. Fort Worth, TX 76110-5260

  • Copa Cababana

    1002 S. Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76104-3409

  • Corporate Image

    5418 Brentwood Stair Road Fort Worth, TX 76112-2916

  • Cow Pasture Saloon

    5409 Azle Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76114-1208

  • Cowboy Cats

    114 W. Exchange Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76164-8594

  • Cowboy's Hideaway

    2711 Guenther Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76106-7314

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