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Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern

Ten Bells Tavern may be the perfect neighborhood pub. They pour solid pints of beer, serve great bar food and have an unassuming patio where you can drink to the setting sun.
It'll Do Club

It'll Do Club

Since it's opening in winter 2012, It'll Do has become East Dallas' go-to dance club. It's large interior and spacious dance floor are big enough to hold a candle to even the best and largest Dallas night clubs.
Lola's Saloon

Lola's Saloon

Since 2008, Lola's Saloon has been one of the top venues in North Texas, arguably the best in Fort Worth. Each week, local and national acts shuffle through the bar, which, perhaps thanks to the name, has a looser, more comfortable feel than others.

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  • Black Forest Biergarten

    1804 McMillan Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75205

  • Black Forest Biergarten

    1804 McMillan Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75205

  • Charlie

    Charlie's Sports Bar & Grill

    1820 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235

    In an all but abandoned shopping center near the intersection of Harry Hines and Mockingbird in West Dallas, Charlie's Sports Bar, a no-funny-business dive, serves up cheap bar food and even cheaper drinks. Charlie's has occupied its corner for more than 30 years, and the interior décor, a mix between something from the set of Miami Vice and honky-tonk, hasn't changed much since it opened. The eclectic vibe is probably a reflection of the customers, who come from the nearby Love Field Airport and several neighboring hotels. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Chesterfield

    Chesterfield's Food & Spirits

    2555 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75235-7447
    214-353-9268 Chesterfield's is a sports bar located at Maple and Inwood in an eclectic strip center that also includes a tattoo shop, check-cashing place, boat junkyard and, inexplicably, a fine wine shop. The menu is heavy on the battered-and-fried, with cheese sticks, poppers and "New 'Amazing' Spicy Fried Pickles" on the apps menu and corn dogs, chicken-fried steak, catfish and sandwiches among the entrees. Dartboards cover just about every vertical surface along with plaques from the dart and pool leagues and a few eight-liner video slot machines. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Cowboy Up

    6030 Luther Lane Dallas, TX 75225

  • Dallas Eagle

    5740 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75235
    214-357-4375 This is the primo leather gay club in Dallas. In fact, it's the only one. This hypermasculine joint is all about butch, beef and beer. DJ spins the techno while the gents size each other up. Don't worry, the natives don't bite but they might want to. Hot wax demos make for an interesting, if not slightly painful, experience. Convenience points for the Shades of Grey leather shop upstairs if you need a new harness. Bathrooms are dark. Translation-unless you're experienced in this scene, just hold it. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • DD

    DD's Corner

    6644 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75235

    If you can get past the initial hesitation you have for being at the far end of Maple Avenue's industrial area, there's a warm little bar that will greet you. DD's Corner is a watering hole for the working class, generally populated by groups of construction workers, servers or industry people looking to drink without disturbance. With a few tables, several slot machines and a jukebox that won't quit, the converted little house holds a staff that knows its customers by name. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Good Timez Hookah Lounge

    7719 Inwood Dallas, TX 75209

  • Half Shells Oyster Bar & Grill

    Half Shells Oyster Bar & Grill

    6617 Snider Plaza Dallas, TX 75205
    214-691-8164 Dangling miniature Christmas lights and plastic fish combined with tin pails of saltine crackers on all the tables give this dim, narrow seafood eatery in the middle of the Park Cities a surprising slightly laid-back, urban seaport feel. Start out with a batch of iced, fresh oysters on the half shell. If the famous slither of the damp raw creatures doesn't do it for you, try the oyster nachos--tortilla chips topped with chipotle tartar sauce, fried oysters and pico de gallo. If you're not dieting, fried catfish tacos, a basket of thick waffle fries and a cold longneck make a glorious combination. Half Shells is tiny, and they don't take reservations, so plan on a wait during peak hours. The bar crammed in the back is a pleasant spot to pass the time--that is, if you can negotiate a seat. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Hidden Door

    Hidden Door

    5025 Bowser Ave. Dallas, TX 75209

  • Inwood Lounge

    Inwood Lounge

    5458 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209
    214-764-9106 Film buffs, hipsters and martini drinkers alike agree that Inwood Lounge, built into the front room of the Inwood Theater, is one of the coolest bars in Dallas, let alone the Park Cities, where the bar is located. Its dark interior, flanked on one side with a wall of glass bricks and neon lights, feels like a classy dive where patrons can settle in for long conversations and strong pours. Friendly bartenders play DJ with the bar's extensive vinyl collection, which ranges from punk to soul to psych and beyond. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Inwood Tavern

    Inwood Tavern

    7717 Inwood Dallas, TX 75209

    "I've been coming here for 20 years," says one regular sipping an afternoon cocktail while sitting at the end of the bar. But the bartender says there are people who have been frequenting the Inwood Tavern far longer. This Park Cities dive has been on the corner of Inwood and Lovers since 1964, and relies mostly on the loyalty of its regulars -- a mix of wealthy people from the surrounding Highland Park neighborhood and students from the nearby Southern Methodist University. True to its name, the bar feels a lot like a place you'd find in Boston rather than Dallas. The long, narrow room is lined with faded wood-paneled walls, and a well-worn piano sits in the back corner, just aching to be played. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Knox Street Pub

    Knox Street Pub

    4447 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75205
    214-528-5100 Located a stone's throw from Knox on McKinney Avenue, Knox Street Pub provides its patrons a straightforward, no-frills neighborhood bar feel with a good-sized dance floor to boot. The Pub offers specials all seven days of the week and a bar-food menu with some Tex-Mex offerings to spice things up. There isn't much seating inside, other than stools at the bar and one comfy couch for dance-floor breaks, but the pub's front patio has plenty of wooden picnic tables and a second bar for open-air fountain-side mingling. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • La Duni Latin Cafe

    La Duni Latin Cafe

    4620 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75205
    214-520-7300 This "Latin brasserie," sprung from the mind of ZuZu Handmade Mexican Food chain co-founder Espartaco Borga, is a collision of homespun recipes from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba. This makes for a sexy assortment of enchiladas, salads, quesadillas, grilled marinated picanha steaks and sandwiches on fresh-baked rolls. La Duni also has a terrific wine list cataloging some 89 wines, all of them from Spain and South America and all of them available by the half-glass, glass and half-bottle, or by the bottle. Fresh house-baked goods are served daily, and La Duni is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which makes you wonder how wine is served before 10 a.m. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • OT Tavern

    5101 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209

  • Sangria


    4524 Cole Ave. Dallas, TX 75205
    214-520-4863 An interpretation of the Spanish mid-to-late afternoon nosh by serial restaurateur Alberto Lombardi (Toulouse, Cibus, Penne Pomodoro), this eatery offers diners excursions through Mediterranean regions beyond the Iberian Peninsula. Standard tapas like garlic shrimp get equal footing (eating?) with ham and cheese croquettes with spanikopita and a chicken tagine. House-made pastas and paella are also available. Customers enjoying the classic tortilla española and patatas bravas between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month are treated to flamenco acts. However, Mondays might be the best day to patronize Sangria. It is then, from 8 p.m. to close, that selected tapas are two dollars, which is more in line with the cost of tapas in the land of castanets and Don Quixote. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Smyth


    4513 Travis St. Dallas, TX 75205

    Owned by the gentlemen who brought you South Dallas' swanky retro bar Cedars Social (a secret agent-themed upscale bar and restaurant), Smyth is a lush cocktail bar with a permeating '70s vibe. Trained servers do not simply take your orders at Smyth — they seat you in one of the eight exclusive booths, which require calling ahead to reserve, and then ask you your tastes in flavors and spirits, information they use to concoct a customized, hand-crafted cocktail. Some cocktails even include a "wisp of match smoke" over the tops of them, for added aroma and flavor. If you're looking to impress someone, take them to Smyth. Just be sure you can find the entrance, since it's a hidden door on the side of the building. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Social Restaurant and Lounge

    Social Restaurant and Lounge

    6101 Hillcrest Ave. Dallas, TX 75205
    214-219-8282 If you thought it impossible to find a successful boutique hotel across from SMU, you'd be wrong. The luxury is bright in this four-floor hotel. That extends to the establishment's restaurant, Social, which is located in the rear of the hotel's first floor. The 60-seat hideaway offers not only chat-inducing cocktails like The Mustang and Texas Peach, it also serves breakfast, often to the visiting parents of students. Signature entrées enjoyed on the custom-made red-velvet furniture include horseradish-crusted salmon with caper butter sauce and grilled, spice-rubbed flatiron steak with Béarnaise butter. But executive chef Jon Schwarzenberger also has small plates and lighter fare all the better for socializing. Among that selection is the breaded artichoke hearts with feta-cucumber dip, calamari fries and a selection of sandwiches that come with house-made potato chips. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Sporting News Grill

    Sporting News Grill

    3300 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235

  • Sports Page

    Sports Page

    3300 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235-5906

    Located within eyesight and earshot of the airport, Sports Page Grill sits adjacent to the lobby of the Wyndham Dallas Love Field, which recently underwent a $13 million renovation to update the place and help soundproof the hotel's rooms. Like the Wyndham, the Sports Page Grill underwent some remodeling and upscaling (see: plush red banquettes). Inside, you'll find plenty of sports memorabilia, several large flatscreen TVs, attentive wait staff, a full bar and an extensive menu, from which you can order up appetizers, steaks, sandwiches, salads and many other options. In the morning, folks sip Starbucks Coffee and nibble on pastries, eggs, fruit and the like at the breakfast buffet. At night, expect to see some weary travelers unwinding at the bar. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Strokers Ice House

    Strokers Ice House

    9324 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75235
    214-351-5252 Rick Fairless owns Stroker's Ice House, but it's his 71-year-old, profanity-spewing mother that manages the self-proclaimed "biggest, baddest biker bar in Dallas." Featured on the reality show Ma's Roadhouse, the stuffed critter-head and biker-babe covered walls enclose a venue born for classic rock, poker tournaments and wet T-shirt contests. This all fueled by the only beer on draft, Miller Lite. Though other beer and liquor selections are available, the bar's "when it rains we pour" policy makes dollar drafts hard to turn down in gloomy weather. Also available: a tattoo parlor and bike shop complete with bikini bike-wash girls. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Teatro Dallas

    1331 Record Crossing Road Dallas, TX 75235

  • The Travis Disco

    The Travis Disco

    4515 Travis St. Dallas, TX 75205

    The newest in a long line of clubs aimed squarely at the Uptown set, Rio Room embraces a retro, almost rainforest look, while maintaining an über-modern feel. Chalk it up to the growing popularity of all things Brazil, where people must party endlessly, stopping only to indulge in bottle service. In the middle of the club, underneath a chandelier of glass orbs, sits an octagon-shaped dance floor fueled by beats from local and international DJs in a nearby booth. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • Time Out Tavern

    Time Out Tavern

    5101 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209
    214-956-9552 Located on Lovers Lane near Inwood Road, this divey sports bar is a popular watering hole among neighborhood folk and has been since it opened in 1988. On any given night, Time Out Tavern fills up with everyone from students to the average arm-chair quarterback to urban cowboys in full Western wear to folks wearing business suits. Inside the walls are covered floor to ceiling in sports memorabilia, and while you can have a seat at one of the many tables, most people prefer to stand around and mingle. On weekends the dive gets so packed that it's all but impossible to play on the pool table in the center of the bar, but that doesn't stop folks from queuing up to cue up. This bustling, high-energy bar features an impressive assortment of high-end scotches, and happy hour specials run from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

  • The Tin Room

    The Tin Room

    2514 Hudnall Dallas, TX 75235
    214-526-6365 Located a few blocks from the bustling Cedar Springs/Oak Lawn-area, The Tin Room attracts a predominately gay crowd, with its dance floor, drink specials and theme-party nights. This is a family-owned and -operated 18-and-up club, and has an underground feel, thanks to its eclectic décor (the free-standing building's painted hot pink on the outside with tin walls on the inside), tucked-away location and, well, its dancers. "Buns, abs, and bad boys"--that's the way the Tin Rooms' website describes the club's 60 or so "sensual male dancers" who take turns entertaining patrons. Expect huge crowds for the club's popular theme and costume parties, like "Studio 54 Night" and "Sex Dungeon Party." Read more about this Dallas bar or club >>

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