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  • The Classic Cafe

    504 N. Oak St. Roanoke, TX 76262-5010

  • Coffee Co.

    Coffee Co.

    6038 La Vista Drive Dallas, TX 75206
    214-887-8688 What Coffee Co. lacks in frappuccinos, fancy espresso machines, free Wi-Fi and cushy armchairs for hanging out, it makes up for with longevity -- they’ve been been roasting their own beans since 1971 -- and really great coffee, including an extra-potent “Motor Oil” variety that will surely get your motor revving. Early risers will have to look elsewhere for their fix, though: Coffee Co. doesn’t get brewing until 10 a.m. More >>

  • Coffee House Cafe

    Coffee House Cafe

    6150 Frankford Rd Dallas, TX 75252-5310
    972-232-2333 Suburbanites looking for an alternative to that pesky frappuccino-hawking mermaid ought to give Coffee House Cafe a shot. Free Wi-Fi and a massive covered patio -- complete with a fireplace and outdoor heaters for those chilly evenings -- make this coffeehouse and restaurant an ideal haunt for the laptop-toting set. Those craving central air can head indoors to the brick- and wood-laden dining room and settle into a cozy booth. An expansive menu and table service offer three squares a day with everything from crabcake Benedict to seared tilapia, but the wise stick to the fair-trade coffee (pour over, cold brew, French press or good ol’ fashioned drip) and espresso drinks, and simple breakfast dishes like the light and fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes. More >>

  • Company Cafe

    3136 Routh St. Dallas, TX 75201
    469-458-8721 The second location of the Company Cafe builds on the first location’s foundation of gluten-free, seasonal and organic cooking. The kitchen has a way of making healthy cooking less of a drag and even the Southern soulful dishes don’t eat like lead. Chicken-fried steak, chicken and waffles, and cheese fries are made with a lot of thought instead of a lot of fat, and when the kitchen is firing on all cylinders, these dishes work. Burgers are good too. Grass-fed beef is served on a gluten-free bun if you like. Company Cafe’s strongest suit may be breakfast, when the coffee is endless the crowds are minuscule. Grab a paper and enjoy the sizeable patio during the week at your own risk. The French toast could easily make you late for work. More >>

  • Cultivar


    1146 Peavy Road Dallas, TX 75218
    214-306-9725 Cultivar coffee, which shares a space with Good 2 Go tacos, serves up some of the best coffee in town. As any good roaster knows, roasting coffee is a blend of art and science in a process that requires skill and a bit of intuition. As they inform their customers on the site: "During the roasting process, countless chemical reactions are transforming the natural sugars and lipids in the bean; unlocking many potential flavors in order to highlight the unique flavor characteristics found within each coffee." So, you don't want roasters who are just setting a timer and waiting for a ding. You want people who are constantly experimenting and looking for unique flavor notes and who can tweak the roast to bring out the perfect flavor of the bean. Just surf on over to Cultivar's website to learn more about their beans and business philosophy. More >>