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  • Zaguan


    2604 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219-4020
    214-219-8393 In Dallas' Oak Lawn district sits a Latin favorite, Zaguan. The restaurant's adobe exterior features a narrow entryway that leads to a peaceful sanctuary of a dining room. Peaceful, that is-until a big soccer match is underway, in which case it's hard to find a seat amongst the rambunctious crowd. Enjoy cold beers from south of the border, and some delicious Columbian coffee and pastries. The menu is comprised of traditional South American staples, which are great rewards for being adventurous enough to try them. More >>

  • Zaguán World Bakery and Café

    Zaguán World Bakery and Café

    2604 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219-4020
    214-219-8393 A zaguán is the mosaic-tiled entryway of Venezuelan homes, and this bakery and cafe is an entryway to some new tastes. Like traditional Venezuelan cachapas--a thick, sweet-corn crepe filled with shredded beef, Serrano ham or several other fillings, and arepas overflowing with melted Venezuelan cheese. You can make a meal out of cachapas and arepas alone, choosing from nearly a dozen fillings. The pretty, brightly colored cafe also offers a wide selection of Venezuelan and more continental pastries, Latin American sodas and fresh tropical fruit juice. More >>

  • Zen Delight Tea Room

    1111 International Parkway Richardson, TX 75081