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  • Austin Street Center

    2929 Hickory St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-428-4242 Austin Street Center is a compassionate, faith-based organization that provides emergency shelter and services to homeless men and women in Dallas. Our therapeutic and case management programs empower those in need to make responsible choices, create positive change, and obtain economic self-sufficiency. More >>

  • Automobile Building

    1121 First Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75210
    214-426-3400 The Automobile Building, one of Fair Park's most visited pavilions, was built in 1947-1948. It replaced two other buildings which burned to the ground in 1942. However, it was not until 1985, when porticoes were added to the newer building, that the newer building came to match its predecessor in style and symmetry. Along the 650-foot-long exterior of the building are statues crafted by noted sculptor Raoul Josset. The female figures represent the United States, France and Mexico. In 1999, the Friends of Fair Park secured funding that enabled the recreation on this newer building the glorious murals by artist Pierre Bourdelle that accompanied the original building. Most of the year, the building sits quiet and unvisited. But when the State Fair of Texas is in full bloom, the building is teeming with car enthusiasts. They are eager to see the latest models of cars and trucks, as well as experimental models that may grace car showrooms five or ten years from now. You'll find the Automobile Building to the right of The Esplanade as you enter the main gate into Fair Park off of Parry Avenue. More >>

  • Centennial Hall

    1300 Robert B Cullum Blvd. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Centennial Hall

    1001 Washington St. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Esplanade Fountain (Fair Park)

    3600 Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75210

  • South Dallas Cultural Center

    South Dallas Cultural Center

    3400 S. Fitzhugh St. Dallas, TX 75210
    214-426-1683 Temporary offices are located in the Juanita Craft Civil Rights House 2618 Warren Avenue Dallas, Texas 75215. More >>