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  • Back Space Gallery

    2626 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226-1410

  • Banks Fine Art

    Banks Fine Art

    1313 Slocum st. Dallas, TX 75207
    214-352-1811 Since 1980, Banks Fine Art has been offering a unique and vast selection of traditional and impressionist oil paintings. Exceptional professionalism, high quality works, and absolute client satisfaction have earned Banks Fine Art an unparalleled reputation in the industry. We understand the special needs of design professionals and conduct business accordingly through hard work and communication. More >>

  • Barry Whistler Gallery

    Barry Whistler Gallery

    2909 Canton St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-939-0242 Barry Whistler Gallery: This Deep Ellum gallery has been showcasing works from local Texas artists for a quarter century. These days you’ll find lots of minimalist photography and digital art in the collection. Summer 2013 saw “The Color Condition,” a massive fringed banner constructed from painters’ drop cloths, shower curtains and tablecloths that hung on the exterior of the gallery like a giant rainbow grass skirt. More >>

  • The Basement Gallery

    115 S Beckley Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75203

  • The Basement Gallery

    115 S Beckley Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75203

  • Bass Performance Hall

    Bass Performance Hall

    525 Commerce St. Fort Worth, TX 76102
    817-212-4280 Since when did downtown Fort Worth become a European transport? When the Bass Hall opened. This uniquely beautiful concert hall is like nothing else in Dallas or Fort Worth. With five levels of seating, be cautious not to sit too high in the sky (painted ceiling) or you might be airsick. More >>

  • Beaux Arts Gallery

    Beaux Arts Gallery

    1505 Hi Line Drive Dallas, TX 75207
    214-741-5555 If you’re a serious cartophile (that’s a map lover, obviously), you’ll want to pay this Design District gallery a visit. Besides hundreds upon hundreds of maps dating all the way back to the 1700s -- you know, when they were still handmade, ornate and not at all Google-ish -- they also offer reproductions for the map buff without five grand to burn. More >>

  • Beefhaus

    833 Exposition Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75226

  • Bows and Arrows

    Bows and Arrows

    4908 Bryan St. Dallas, TX 75206-7438
    214-828-2697 Are you one of those people who spends hours on Pinterest envying other people’s ridiculously adorable indie weddings? (Yeah, us neither.) This Lower Greenville specialty florist specializes in the kind of creative arrangements that’ll have brides-to-be drooling over your nuptials for years to come. More >>

  • Brazos Gallery, Richland College

    Brazos Gallery, Richland College

    12800 Abrams Road Dallas, TX 75243