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  • 2614 Elm St

    2614 Elm St. Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75201

  • 4 Dog Studio

    150 Howell St. Dallas, TX 75207

  • 500X Gallery

    500X Gallery

    500 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-828-1111 Established in 1978, 500X provides one of the best exhibition spaces to up and coming artists in the city of Dallas. The gallery is located in a historic circa 1916 tire factory and air-conditioning warehouse and has over 3000 square feet of exhibition space. The plan for 500X Gallery was developed by two artists: Will Hipps, a Massachusetts native who moved to Dallas to teach, and Richard Childers, a local painter. The goal was to provide a space for artists to exhibit free of outside influences and dealer restrictions. More >>

  • Alan Barnes Fine Art

    Alan Barnes Fine Art

    3906 Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX 75207-4218
    214-828-1311 Alan Barnes Fine Art is a uniquely intimate gallery located in Dallas, Texas, offering over 150 years of family history within the international art markets. Alan is a sixth generation English art dealer who is wholly committed to sharing his expertise with his clients. With a firm belief that buying art should be an experience that ultimately brings a sense of success and excitement to the buyer, Alan and his team focus on building rewarding relationships with private collectors, designers, and local and national institutions. The Barnes/Morrill family has conducted business on both sides of the Atlantic for more than 60 years and has been privileged to represent a number of quality clients and collections, including The Royal Family, Sir. Winston Churchill Estate, The White House, Sir. Douglas Barder, Sir. Paul McCartney, The National Gallery, London, The Fine Art Society, London, Bonhams International, amongst many others. Alan Barnes Fine Art also exhibits many of today’s magnificent artistic talents. By bringing new art as well as 18th and 19th century pieces to the market, the gallery exposes people to even more quality paintings. The Gallery hosts several shows each year and Alan and his team are always excited to share the energetic atmosphere that exhibition openings bring. With a vast international inventory of over 1000 traditional and modern paintings, Alan Barnes Fine Art can help fill anyone’s need for the perfect piece. More >>

  • Alan Simmons Art + Design

    Alan Simmons Art + Design

    1415 Slocum St. Dallas, TX 75207
    214-745-2526 An art gallery and art consultancy offering services to collectors, designers,architects, healthcare facilities and corporate clients. From prints to original fine art, from a single piece to 5000 pieces, we can create an art collection for your design needs, budget and deadlines. More >>

  • Also Gallery

    1425 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207

    9-5 More >>

  • American Fine Art and Frame

    1611 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207
    214-749-7749 American Fine Art is open to the public with special consideration to the trade. Which simply means that we do offer discounts to Interior Designers, Galleries, Frame Shops, Architects, and Corporations that are working with the trade. We also offer additional discounts on close-out prints. Our 8000 sq. ft. showroom is filled with art and is selected with our diverse clientele in mind. More >>

  • Art & Frame Direct

    2050 N. Stemmons Frwy Dallas, TX 75207-3206

  • Art Ability

    122 pittsburg st. Dallas, TX 75207-6911
    214-741-9959 Our words are simple. Our art is extraordinary. In 1977, with already ten years of art consulting experience, Kim boatman founded Art Ability; a professional art-consulting firm specializing in providing art for a variety of businesses world-wide. Art Ability has established and maintained clients in the medical, hospitality, and corporate worlds solely by referral and word-of-mouth. Art ability currently occupies a 18,000 square foot gallery in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Our company is staffed with five talented art consultants each with an art and design background. We provide originals, limited editions, sculptures, murals, prints, and framing. From traditional to contemporary are, our gallery is home to thousands of works of art. We work with artists around the world to develop a unique and custom look for each environment. Much of our time is spent on research and development of new artists and ideas. Therefore, we pursue fewer clients offering more service and creativity to each individual client. Each project is a privilege, deserving the utmost attention in every aspect. We take pride in our superior service, and invite you to experience how "the art sets you apart." More >>

  • Art By God

    2100 N. Stemmons Frwy Dallas, TX 75207-3000

  • Back Space Gallery

    2626 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226-1410

  • Banks Fine Art

    Banks Fine Art

    1313 Slocum st. Dallas, TX 75207
    214-352-1811 Since 1980, Banks Fine Art has been offering a unique and vast selection of traditional and impressionist oil paintings. Exceptional professionalism, high quality works, and absolute client satisfaction have earned Banks Fine Art an unparalleled reputation in the industry. We understand the special needs of design professionals and conduct business accordingly through hard work and communication. More >>

  • Barry Whistler Gallery

    Barry Whistler Gallery

    2909 Canton St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-939-0242 Barry Whistler Gallery: This Deep Ellum gallery has been showcasing works from local Texas artists for a quarter century. These days you’ll find lots of minimalist photography and digital art in the collection. Summer 2013 saw “The Color Condition,” a massive fringed banner constructed from painters’ drop cloths, shower curtains and tablecloths that hung on the exterior of the gallery like a giant rainbow grass skirt. More >>

  • Beaux Arts Gallery

    Beaux Arts Gallery

    1505 Hi Line Drive Dallas, TX 75207
    214-741-5555 If you’re a serious cartophile (that’s a map lover, obviously), you’ll want to pay this Design District gallery a visit. Besides hundreds upon hundreds of maps dating all the way back to the 1700s -- you know, when they were still handmade, ornate and not at all Google-ish -- they also offer reproductions for the map buff without five grand to burn. More >>

  • Caldwell Arte Exposicion

    103 Howell St. Dallas, TX 75207

  • Cameron Gallery

    1414 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207
    214-747-1414 The Cameron Gallery provides the highest quality of original works of art, showcased in an exciting fashion that encourages the entire breadth of our patrons. Seasoned collectors and first-time buyers are welcome at The Cameron Gallery to learn, experience, and purchase a piece of the ever-changing and always stimulating world of art. The Gallery hosts monthly exhibits where new works of art are debuted. We represent artists who share a passion and integrity for the visual arts. Each artists embodies the uniqueness and soul celebrated in the visual arts throughout history. More >>

  • Christopher Martin Gallery

    1533 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207

  • Cohn Drennan Contemporary

    Cohn Drennan Contemporary

    4118 Commerce Dallas, TX 75226

  • The Conduit Gallery

    The Conduit Gallery

    1626 C Hi Line Drive Dallas, TX 75207
    214-939-0064 One of the more popular modern galleries amongst the city’s art aficionados, this Design District gallery’s plain brick exterior belies the avant-garde works you’ll find inside. Bathing suits encrusted in nails? Random-seeming arrays of switches, wires and speakers that create “sound art”? Childlike drawings scrawled on old book covers? Check, check and check. More >>

  • Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas

    Dallas, TX Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) is a non-profit membership organization of galleries formed in 2006 for the purpose of promoting the advancement of contemporary art on all levels. CADD’s members function as an important component of the Dallas art community, providing the means by which artists reach their public and collectors gain access to works of art. More >>

  • Continental Gin Company Building

    3309 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226

  • Craighead-Green Gallery

    Craighead-Green Gallery

    1011 Dragon St. Dallas, TX 75207-4205

  • Cris Worley Fine Arts

    Cris Worley Fine Arts

    1845 Levee Stree Dallas, TX 75207

  • The Crow Collection of Asian Art

    The Crow Collection of Asian Art

    2010 Flora St. Dallas, TX 75201
    214-979-6430 Located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, the Crow Collection is a permanent set of galleries dedicated to the arts and cultures of China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. The museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning. More >>

  • Cydonia Gallery

    167 Payne St Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75207

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