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  • Art is Art

    2811 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-823-8222 At ART is ART consignment gallery in Dallas, the main focus is spring-boarding talented, local artists by showcasing their original, modern artwork. And it's more than just contemporary art ... it's about supporting local artists and getting true one-of-a-kind, gallery-quality works of art rather than mass-produced prints that your neighbors might own. Contemporary, local artwork is simply better! We think you'll find that our prices are surprisingly comfortable too. While absorbing, you will also discover contemporary and vintage / mid-century modern furniture and accessories, as well as individualistic, hand-crafted jewelry, purses, pillows, dog bones, soy-blend candles and more. It is a hip venue for purchasing cool paintings, furniture and complements to accessorize your space. Gifts that inspire, gift certificates and layaway are available. More >>

  • Bows and Arrows

    Bows and Arrows

    4908 Bryan St. Dallas, TX 75206-7438
    214-828-2697 Are you one of those people who spends hours on Pinterest envying other people’s ridiculously adorable indie weddings? (Yeah, us neither.) This Lower Greenville specialty florist specializes in the kind of creative arrangements that’ll have brides-to-be drooling over your nuptials for years to come. More >>

  • Curiosities


    2025 Abrams Road Dallas, TX 75214
    214-828-1886 Flea market and antique store junkies will find great pleasure digging through the carefully curated collection of stuff at this Lakewood shop that encompasses everything from vintage clothing and jewelry to creepy dolls and old framed art. (It’s like Grandma’s attic minus that pesky mothball scent.) More >>

  • Dahlia Woods Gallery

    600 Cantegral St. Dallas, TX 75204-5806

  • Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

    Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

    2801 Swiss Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Dolly Python

    Dolly Python

    1916 N. Haskell Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-887-3434 This East Dallas wonder is where hipsters go to find vintage band shirts, leather motorcycle jackets and weird old jewelry when they’ve got money to burn. It can be pricey, but the selection is undeniably well-curated. There’s also a killer vinyl selection and various other oddities like taxidermied animals and shrunken heads. Major bonus: There’s a palm reader on site every Saturday. (Perhaps she can tell you whether or not to buy those vinyl pants.) More >>

  • The Mac

    3120 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    1920 N. Haskell Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Space Gallery

    2814 Main St. Dallas, TX 75214

  • Stainless Studios

    1902 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-7439

  • Turley Law Center Gallery

    6440 N. Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75206

  • Two Bronze Doors

    5732 Richmond Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206

  • Two Bronze Doors

    5732 Richmond Ave Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206

  • We Are 1976

    We Are 1976

    1902 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-821-1976 Despite the name, it’s not a vintage store. This funky Henderson Avenue shop is basically Toys ‘R’ Us for adults. Find everything from limited-edition art prints, handmade stationery and graphic Ts to a whole host of Japanese imports from candy to stuffed plush doughnuts. More >>