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  • 33up Gallery & Studio

    3301 Mckinney Ave Dallas, TX 75204-2360

  • 4th Wall Gallery

    4th Wall Gallery

    2925 Fairmount St. Dallas, TX 75201
    214-740-9400 The 4th Wall Gallery is the creation of Matthew Abramowitz. He has earned a reputation among artists and collectors for being among the most respected and finest dealers of editorial and illustrated art. The 4th Wall Gallery is a culmination of the success achieved with The Gallery @ Storyopolis. The Gallery @ Storyopolis hosted over 80 exhibitions for such artists as Gary Baseman, Calef Brown and greats from the illustrator and graphic novel genre such as Will Eisner. Matthew Abramowitz's newest gallery has a unique and limited collection, which is home to an amazingly diverse group of world-renowned artists. The 4th Wall Gallery abolishes labels and lets the greatness of each piece define itself. The 4th Wall Gallery is a place that celebrates artists breaking down the walls of conformity. The 4th Wall Gallery includes such artists as the multi-talented Miguel Paredes whose work brings to life the world of his past in New York and his present day life in Miami. Lose yourself into the surreal world of both P- Jay Fidler and Greg Noppe's that only these two gentlemen can create. Travel to other realms of city life with Justin Bua whose paintings bring rich, diverse cultures and music alive. Feel energized by Sterling Hundley and Gary Kelley who have rocked the world on the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine and The New Yorker respectively. Be amazed at Leith O'Malley whose work brings in Australia who is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. Enjoy the French flair of Robin Zingone whose work is ... "absolutely positively très magnifique"! Experience three-dimensional art like never before when taking in the sculptures of Cynthia Von Buhler. Fill your eyes with the evocative and ethereal work of Mary Grand Pre in the style she describes as "soft geometry". Ultimately, The 4th Wall Gallery feeds one's mind and soul through these imaginative artists and more. It is sure to tantalize and impress the minds of the beginning and experienced art collector. More >>

  • Afterimage Gallery

    Afterimage Gallery

    2800 Routh st. Dallas, TX 75201
    214-871-9140 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays More >>

  • Antique Maps & Fine Prints

    2611 Fairmount St. Dallas, TX 75201-1903

  • Artisan Style Art Gallery

    Artisan Style Art Gallery

    2417 Mahon St. Dallas, TX 75201-1915

  • Christopher Martin Gallery Five

    1933 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75201-1723

  • Cidnee Patrick Gallery

    2404 Cedar Springs Dallas, TX 75201

  • David Dike Fine Art

    2613 Fairmount St. Dallas, TX 75201

  • Douglass Picture Frames

    2611 Fairmount St Dallas, TX 75201-1903

  • Dulce Interior Consignment Show Room

    2914 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219-4131

  • Fine Art Gallery

    2925 Fairmount St Dallas, TX 75201

  • Florence Art Gallery

    2500 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75201

    Michelangelo's Madonna Della Pieta and work from Jay Miller, Greg Beck, Amanda Dunbar and Bruce Tinch. More >>

  • Framer's Corner

    3818 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75219-4136

  • Gerald Peters Gallery

    2913 Fairmount Dallas, TX 75201

  • Heritage Auction Galleries

    Heritage Auction Galleries

    3500 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75219

  • Hibernia Dental Arts

    2701 Hibernia St. Dallas, TX 75204

  • ilume Galerie

    4123 Cedar Springs Dallas, TX 75219

  • Lotti Gallery & Resale

    4431 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75219-1828

  • Magnolia Gallery

    Magnolia Gallery

    3699 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • McKinney Avenue Contemporary

    McKinney Avenue Contemporary

    3120 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
    214-953-1212 If you think Uptown is all dude-bros and overpriced high-rises, you’re wrong. Find some respite in the impressive art collection at the MAC, a nonprofit gallery that showcases everything from religious banners to contemporary works from local artists. They even have their own in-house theater group, Kitchen Dog Theater. Bonus: Admission is always free, in keeping with that whole not-for-profit thing. More >>

  • Moses Art Gallery

    3002 Wycliff Ave. Dallas, TX 75219

  • Nieto Fine Art

    3699 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Pan American Art Projects

    1615 Dragon Street Dallas, TX 75201

  • Pan American Gallery

    3303 Lee Parkway Dallas, TX 75219-5108

  • Reflection Fine Art

    2925 Fairmount St. Dallas, TX 75201

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