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  • Mable Peabody

    Mable Peabody's

    1215 E. University Drive Denton, TX 76201

    First opened in 1979, Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair served as a watering hole for Denton's gay and lesbian community. That is, until March 2007, when an arsonist, using the bar's own liquor to set the nightclub ablaze, torched the original Mable Peabody's. In the fall of 2008, owner Kelly Sanders reopened the bar just a block or so from the original spot. The new location is more than twice the size of the original, with a spacious central bar, a huge dance floor and stage area that has plenty of mirrors - so folks can watch themselves dance. There's a digital jukebox, an assortment of video games, pool tables and nightly drink specials. The original bar with the unforgettable name gained a reputation as a popular underground venue, hosting under-the-radar touring acts, but now, while it still hosts shows on occasion, Mable Peabody's is bar first, venue second. And, today, its website bills the bar as "the Cheers of Denton, Texas for the gays and lesbians." More >>

  • Mac Karaoke

    Mac Karaoke

    2525 Royal Lane Dallas, TX 75229
    972-484-2089 Wanna learn the words to all the latest Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian pop hits? Get thee to Mac Karaoke, which offers more than 20,000 songs, including all the latest American Top 40 hits. Grab a few of your drunkest friends and head into your very own private room, complete with comfy couches, color TVs and a massive list of songs in alphabetical order by artist name. There’s a decent selection of liquor, beer and soju -- that’s a Korean liquor made from rice -- plus a large open bar area for pre- or post-karaoke congregating and boozing. Hungry? Choose from an array of authentic Korean dishes including octopus with noodles, stir-fried chicken gizzards and kimchi. They’ll even give you a free audiotape recording to take home so you can memorialize your American Idol-worthy performance forever. More >>

  • Maddox-Muse Center

    330 E. Fourth St. Fort Worth, TX 76102

  • Magic Time Machine

    Magic Time Machine

    5003 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75254
    972-980-1903 Since opening in the '70s, Magic Time Machine has entertained guests by one-upping ordinary themed restaurants with its costumed staff, who are required to double as improv comics. So be prepared for a good skewering with your meal. Every night is Halloween, here, as characters ranging from Disney favorites (such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Cinderella or Tinkerbell) to comic icons (such as Charlie Brown, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man) whisk trays of food to various themed booths and seating areas. Diners could end up seated in a school bus, a giant Jack-o-Lantern or a Tiki hut. Not surprisingly, Magic Time Machine is a favorite venue for kid birthday parties, but diners can also go for the "Roman Orgy" menu option with platters for four or more, among them brisket, ribs and fresh fruit. After 10 p.m., The Blue Lounge upstairs offers an adults-only escape from the non-smoking, family-friendly dining area downstairs by providing a full bar, lounge areas and a stage. More >>

  • Main Street Bar and Grill

    620 Main Street Garland, TX 75040

  • Majestic Theatre

    Majestic Theatre

    1925 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75201
    214-880-0137 A restored theater dating back to the 1920s, the Majestic offers everything from fringe theater to mainstream touring acts, from spoken word and comedy to rock bands. More >>

  • Mambo

    Mambo's Tapas Cantina

    1010 Houston St. Fort Worth, TX 76102

  • Martini Park

    7200 Bishop Rr. Plano, TX 75024
    214-473-6644 This Plano nightspot at the Shops at Legacy is almost worth the trip north and the increasing tollway fares. Posh and upscale sometimes push aside fun for the S and M crowd (standing and modeling), but somehow, despite its glamorous appearance, it pulls off a surprising amount of character with a nightly DJ and band (usually cover) performing literally behind and atop the bar and friendly attentive service. This is decidely a lounge with several tables and sitting areas with a small space for those with dancing shoes. Martini Park could easily be preconceived as playground for jerky douchebags but instead reminds us that there's fun to be had north of 121 as well. More >>

  • McDavid Studio

    McDavid Studio

    301 E. 5th Street Fort Worth, TX 76102

  • McFarlin Auditorium

    McFarlin Auditorium

    6405 Boaz Lane Dallas, TX 75275

  • Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater

    100 N. Charles St. Lewisville, TX 75067

  • Memphis Restaurant

    Memphis Restaurant

    5000 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75240
    972-386-9517 Neither rain nor sleet nor any holidays will keep the show from going on at Memphis Restaurant and Club in Addison. The club's stage has hosted live music every night since opening in 1981. With plenty of well-worn wood, rickety stools and brass rails, Memphis looks like a silver-screen version of a classic, cozy, smoke-filled nightclub. Memphis' tables sit right next to the stage with only a narrow area (reserved for dancing) separating them from the elevated bar. The Shuck N' Jive next door is under the same management/ownership, and the kitchen's open until 1:30 a.m. A convenient door between the bar and restaurant means patrons don't even have to walk outside to place orders from the popular Cajun joint's menu. More >>

  • Mercy Wine Bar

    Mercy Wine Bar

    5100 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75254
    972-702-9463 Mercy Wine Bar takes its name from a Roy Orbison song, but you won"t find any tribute to him inside. Instead, you will find a very dark interior, pulsing with techno music, where you can relax at bar, table or couch. Full service menu for pairing and sharing, and of course good wines, available by flight, carafe, or bottle. Menu options include Blackened Ahi Tuna, Mac and White Truffle Gratin, and a seasonal fruit plate. More >>

  • Mesquite Arts Center

    1527 N. Galloway Ave. Mesquite, TX 75185

  • The MetroCenter at Fielder Road Baptist Church

    2011 S. Fielder Arlington, TX 76013

  • Metropolitan Community Church

    1840 Hutton Drive Dallas, TX 75234

  • Maracas Mexican Restaurant

    Maracas Mexican Restaurant

    2914 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226

    Formerly billed as Monica's Aca Y Alla, Maracas Mexican Restaurant is foremost a comfortable neighborhood joint where laid-back diners of all ages celebrate birthdays and revel in weekly half-priced food and 75-cent margarita specials. The menu looks to Mexico City and Tex-Mex dishes, supplemented by innovative cooking to produce a menu that includes a sloppy lasagna of chicken, black beans and cheese, and a festive fajita plate that emerges from the kitchen without the standby comal. Queso is doctored up with spinach and red peppers and the guacamole is generous and pleasing. On weekends evenings loud and lively music pours out the front door and into the streets during dinner service, and during the day the hungover come in droves looking for repair. More >>

  • Monroe Lounge

    3001 Knox St. Dallas, TX 75205

  • The Moon

    The Moon

    2911 W. Berry St. Fort Worth, TX 76111
    817-926-9600 Fort Worth's The Moon bar has been the unofficial hub of Fort Worth's music community for years. The sound system is big enough to fill a room 10 times its size, but the bar's intimate feel is what keeps it abuzz during weekend performances from Fort Worth's biggest local acts. That also might explain why the black leather chairs at the bar are all but worn through after years of patronage from musicians and students at the adjacent Texas Christian University campus. But music isn't the only reason people go to The Moon. On weeknights, the bar has cheap drink specials and routinely shows games on the pull-down screen. More >>

  • Mosaic Fort Worth

    3730 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107

  • Mountain View College

    Mountain View College

    4849 W. Illinois Ave. Dallas, TX 75224

  • Muddy Waters

    Muddy Waters

    4314 Live Oak St. Dallas, TX 75204

    Although bathed in color-changing neon lights, Muddy Waters' interior is still so dim you can hardly find your way to the pool tables. With a cross section of various ages and races, Muddy Waters caters to crowds of working-class people rushing to get in on the bar’s cheap weekly specials, including Monday’s dollar drafts and Tuesday’s $2 wells. When slow, the bar is a watering hole for weary blue-collar workers. When busy, the bar is packed with college students dancing to DJs or watching solo-acoustic sets on the bar’s small, wooden stage. Outside, a ground-level smoking area is sectioned off by an iron gate, and can seat a handful of people who watch cars pass on Live Oak Street. More >>

  • The Mule Barn

    218 Highway 156 S. Justin, TX 76247

  • Music Hall at Fair Park

    Music Hall at Fair Park

    909 First Ave. Dallas, TX 75210

  • MVC Performance Hall

    4849 W. Illinois Ave. Dallas, TX 75211