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  • Centennial Hall

    1001 Washington St. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Cotton Bowl

    Cotton Bowl

    1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Curtain Club

    Curtain Club

    2800 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-742-6207 Sit outside and people watch, or find a smattering of local acts inside. Curtain gives baby bands their first shot, and the granddaddies of Texas music get a nice stage to come home to. An interesting detail, the walls are covered with local artist Cabe Booth's portraiture of headlining artists. More >>

  • Gexa Energy Pavilion

    Gexa Energy Pavilion

    1818 First Ave. Dallas, TX 75210
    214-421-1111 Too hot in summer, too cold in late fall and just right depending on who's playing (Peter Gabriel or Neil Young, say), it's still the Concert Venue Formerly Known as Starplex and Center. In other words, great if you're 10 rows from the stage, tolerable from the middle and like-you-give-a-damn if you're on the grass, if you know what we mean. More >>

  • The Lounge on Elm

    2810 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226-1507

  • Music Hall at Fair Park

    Music Hall at Fair Park

    909 First Ave. Dallas, TX 75210

  • Queen City Hall

    115 N. Carroll Ave. Dallas, TX 75226

  • Smirnoff Music Centre

    1818 1st Ave. Dallas, TX 75210

  • State Fair of Texas

    State Fair of Texas

    3921 Martin Luther King Jr Bl Dallas, TX 75210
    972-263-8374 Three million visitors flock to Fair Park every year to take in the sights and sounds of the legendary State Fair of Texas. Kicking off the last Friday in September and lasting for 24 days, the fair, which has been a Texas tradition since 1886, features such wonders as an auto show, a gondola called the Texas Skyway, the largest Ferris wheel in North America, pig races, a petting zoo, livestock competitions, and most important, a helluva lot of fried food. Fletcher’s famous corn dogs are a mainstay, but every year brings new creations. Some are tasty, like fried jambalaya and fried butter, and some are horrifying, like fried bubblegum. All are guaranteed to send some more business your cardiologist's way. 2012 will be remembered as the year Big Tex, the 52-foot-tall mascot of the fair, went up in flames (Dickies and all) after an electric fire sparked in his right cowboy boot. More >>

  • Walton Street Studios

    215 N. Walton St. Dallas, TX 75226