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  • Amphitheater at Oak Point Park

    Amphitheater at Oak Point Park

    2801 E. Spring Creek Parkway Plano, TX 75074
    972-941-5611 The Amphitheater at Oak Point Park is a beautiful outdoor venue incorporating all the natural elements that make the Oak Point Nature Preserve so special. The Amphitheater can accommodate up to 1500 guests on its grass-covered landings. Lawn chairs or picnic blankets are welcomed and encouraged. More >>

  • The Door Plano

    221 W. Parker Road Plano, TX 75023

  • The Fillmore Pub

    The Fillmore Pub

    1004 E. 15th St. Plano, TX 75074
    972-423-2400 This new Irish-style pub offers great cheese boards, sliders with fries and pommes frites with a dipping-sauce trio of interesting alternatives to plain old ketchup. Befitting of a Euro-style pub, the Fillmore is clean and beautifully decorated with polished wood and sports sturdy, scarred, wooden tables. Unlike most bars in Ireland, though, it's kept dark. And, as one would expect from former Old Monk employees, it offers a sprawling beer selection of imports and domestic craft brews. More >>

  • Holy Nativity Episcopal Church

    2200 18th St. Plano, TX 75086

  • Lord of Life Lutheran Church

    3601 W. 15th St. Plano, TX 75075

  • Love and War in Texas Plano

    Love and War in Texas Plano

    601 E. Plano Parkway Plano, TX 75074
    972-422-6201 It's no secret that Texas, unlike most (or all) other states in this country, is obsessed with itself. You shouldn't mess with us. We're like a whole other country. We even have cookware modeled in the shape of our state. Have you ever seen a saucepan the shape of Ohio? That's what we thought. And the folks at Plano's Love and War in Texas are as enthusiastic as the rest. With a menu highlighting dishes from across the Lone Star State (divided into areas like the border, the Hill Country, the Piney Woods, etc.), they embrace the full range of Texas cuisine. Portions are--ready for the pun?--Texas-sized, and the staff accurately reflect our reputation as the "friendly state." There's live music Wednesday through Saturday; it's usually country, and it complements the rustic atmosphere of the massive restaurant. More >>

  • Martini Park

    7200 Bishop Rr. Plano, TX 75024
    214-473-6644 This Plano nightspot at the Shops at Legacy is almost worth the trip north and the increasing tollway fares. Posh and upscale sometimes push aside fun for the S and M crowd (standing and modeling), but somehow, despite its glamorous appearance, it pulls off a surprising amount of character with a nightly DJ and band (usually cover) performing literally behind and atop the bar and friendly attentive service. This is decidely a lounge with several tables and sitting areas with a small space for those with dancing shoes. Martini Park could easily be preconceived as playground for jerky douchebags but instead reminds us that there's fun to be had north of 121 as well. More >>

  • Oak Point Amphitheater

    2801 E. Spring Creek Parkway Plano, TX 75074-3300

  • Sushi Rock

    1861 N. Central Expressway Plano, TX 75075-6971

  • Zander

    Zander's House

    2300 N. Central Expressway Plano, TX 75074