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  • Dallas Heritage Village

    Dallas Heritage Village

    1515 S. Harwood St. Dallas, TX 75215
    214-421-5141 A plethora of Victorian-style houses, pioneer homes and other old tyme-y buildings were brought in from neighboring cities and reassembled here to create a sort of interactive museum-slash-city park that’s a popular field-trip destination for the grade-school set. You can putter around in the old general store, watch a blacksmith hammering away, explore a 19th-century hotel and even pet the friendly donkeys at a small farm, all in the name of showing kids what life was like before Angry Birds came along. Plenty of shady trees make it an ideal picnicking spot. More >>

  • Diamond T Arena

    6900 E. Sherman Drive Denton, TX 76208

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park

    Dinosaur Valley State Park

    P.O. Box 396 Glen Rose, TX 76043