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  • The Campus Theatre

    The Campus Theatre

    214 W. Hickory St. Denton, TX 76201

  • Crossroads Bar

    Crossroads Bar

    1803 N. Elm St. Denton, TX 76201

    Tucked away in an unassuming Denton shopping center, Crossroads Bar is just as the name suggests — a cross section of young students and old cowboys. It’s not uncommon to see people of all walks enjoying the bar’s cheap draft beers on the same night. The self-proclaimed “Best Little Beer Joint in Texas” boasts a series of flat-screens, viewable throughout the bar’s smoky interior. Live music permeates the bar throughout the week, offering karaoke on Tuesdays, live piano performances on Wednesdays and various Americana acts on weekends. On most nights you can find couples on the dance floor, two-stepping to country hits. More >>

  • Denton Community Theater

    214 W. Hickory St. Denton, TX 76201

  • Fry Street Public House

    Fry Street Public House

    125 Ave. A Denton, TX 76201

    A staple for many UNT students, Fry Street Public House is less than 200 yards from campus. Opened in the fall of 2009, the bar has hosted its fair share of events and artists, but most notably rapper Coolio in May 2011. Like a cattle call, herds of college students pour into the bar’s double doors each night for “orders for quarters,” or 50 cent well drinks from 9 to 11 p.m. Live bands and DJs play the spacious patio on the weekends, and the bar’s upstairs balcony overlooks a busy Fry Street. More >>

  • J R Pockets

    J R Pockets

    1127 Fort Worth Drive Denton, TX 76205
    940-383-3573 If pool is your game, head to JR Pockets, a billiards bar in Denton that is among the best in the metroplex. With professional-grade pool cues, clean, taught felt on its tables and a jukebox that won't quit, you would have to try hard not to have a good time at this loud and friendly bar. The atmosphere is a step back in time, where old cowhands and bluesmen are the joint's regulars, taking up space at the bar and lighting one cigarette after another in the bar's smoky interior. More >>

  • Macaroni Island

    2311 Houston Place Denton, TX 76201

  • Mad World Records

    Mad World Records

    115 W. Hickory St. Denton, TX 76201

  • Rick & Trey's Neighborhood Bar

    1100 Dallas Drive Denton, TX 76205
    940-381-2277 Two double-sized rum and Cokes cost just $5 on a Tuesday night at “RT's” in Denton, which has solidified itself as the go-to sports bar in Little D. There isn't a single shoe in the place – it's just a sea of flip-flops and cut-off shorts and ball caps, from which a roar of hoots, hollers and curse words come, depending on how the Rangers are playing. Every now and then you'll see a collared shirt and a nice watch walk through the door, being worn by one of the many UNT fraternity members who show up to Rick & Trey's throughout the week. Other than that, it's pretty much protocol to grab a cheap beer, seek out a hard-to-find empty table and wait till it's your turn to shout. More >>

  • Texas Woman

    Texas Woman's University Margo Jones Performance Hall

    Oakland St. Denton, TX 76204

  • The Treehouse Bar & Grill

    The Treehouse Bar & Grill

    1512 W. Hickory St. Denton, TX 76201

    What looks like an actual treehouse, if it were first an old fraternity house, is a spanning two-story bar directly next to the heart of the University of North Texas campus. Catering mostly to students, The Treehouse has more than 80 specialty shots that line the menu hanging above the downstairs bar, including the "cheap fuck" and the "orgasm," to name a couple. With its wooden exterior and mahogany interior, The Treehouse is a good place to go if you're not too picky about your draft beer selection and want fruit-flavored alcohol at a considerably low price. More >>

  • University of North Texas - Stovall Hall

    1179 Union Circle, Denton, TX Denton, TX 76201

  • University of North Texas Murchison Performing Arts Center

    University of North Texas Murchison Performing Arts Center

    I-35-E and Ave. D Denton, TX 76203

  • University of North Texas Winspear Hall

    N. Side of I-35 at N. Texas Boulevard Denton, TX 76201

  • UNT RTFP Building

    115 Chestnut Street Denton, TX Denton, TX 76201