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  • Y2Komics

    5276 Trail Lake Drive Fort Worth, TX 76133-1939

  • Yo Pop Etc.

    14472 Midway Road Dallas, TX 75244

  • Yumi to Go

    Yumi to Go

    5000 Belt Line Road Dallas, TX 75254
    972-239-9864 Specializing in quick service (and rapid-fire delivery) with dishes that dot the Asian Continent, Yumi To Go is cute and modern, with a pastel color scheme. The cuteness extends to the food. Plates are bestowed with names like "pao wow chicken" and "how fun noodles." The restaurant is so sure of its kitchen and food, visitors to the website can watch Yumi To Go's cooks in the kitchen via a grainy webcam. Among the $6.99 lunch-special options is yumi chu chicken, one of the spicier dishes served. It's worth noting that by spicier we mean just a wee bit hotter than tame, not Szechuan, burn-your-tongue-off, hallucination-inducing spicy. Just a bit more mouth warmth to add to the heat index. More >>