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  • 12 Forward Productions

    12 Forward Productions

    2601 Gaston Avenue Dallas, TX 75204
    214-855-0050 Need big characters? Look no further. Set in the heart of Dallas, 12 Forward Entertainment is the up and coming television production company in the southwest. Now Specializing in non-scripted programming, 12 Forward has been producing award winning content for TV, film and other media for over a decade. Our passion is dynamic storytelling with compelling characters as big as Texas... just check out CMT's Gator 911. But come on ya'll, if that isn't enough, as masters of new technology and the tapeless workflow, 12 Forward combines all the latest tools of the trade to ensure our shows captivate the viewer for a stunning tv experience. Did we mention the owners, Terry & Melanie Wester, are both 5th generation Texans? More >>

  • 2616 Commerce Event Center

    2616 Commerce Event Center

    2616 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226
    214-748-5567 With the Commerce Room featuring white leather lounge booths, adjustable led lighting and lighted chandeliers, 2nd floor patio deck with an amazing view of downtown Dallas and 3rd floor penthouse with private balconies, our event center is a multi-use facility perfectly suited to host a wide range of events. More >>

  • 3333 Lee Pkwy

    3333 Lee Parkway Dallas, TX 75219-5111

  • A&B Animal Clinic

    9027 Garland Road Dallas, TX 75218

  • A&R Record and Tape Manufacturing Co.

    A&R Record and Tape Manufacturing Co.

    902 N. Riverfront Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207

  • Abbotsford Court

    14775 Midway Road Addison, TX 75001-3148

  • Academy of Classical Karate-do

    1301 custer rd Plano, TX 75075
    972-424-8870 Karate-do means "The way of the Chinese hand" or "The Way of the empty hand" depending on which characters that are used. Wado Ryu Karate basics consist of punching, kicking, blocking, guarding, striking, joint twisting and prearranged and free-style. Equally emphasized and fundamental to Wado is taisabaki - body shifting to avoid the full brunt of an attack. These are techniques that are derived from swordsmanship. The atemi techniques of jujitsu have had a strong influence in the formation of wado karate. Along with nage-waza (throwing techniques) of jujitsu. Training differs widely but most of the Karate styles emphasize a fairly equal measure of basic technique training (kihon), sparring (kumite), and forms (kata). Forms are stylized patterns of attacks and defenses done in sequence for training purposes. An art of self-defense as well as a sport, Karate has in recent decades proliferated worldwide. It is one of the most widely practiced of the Asian martial arts, with a large following in the U.S., Japan and Europe. More >>

  • Addison Airport

    16051 Addison Road Addison, TX 75001

  • Adrift Float Spa

    Adrift Float Spa

    8315 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75225
    214-363-5628 Floatation therapy takes place in a floatation tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank) containing 10 inches of super-concentrated Epsom salt & water solution. Our floatation cabins contain 270 gallons of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt each. The density of the water makes it possible to effortlessly float on the water's surface and achieve complete weightlessness. The water inside the tank is self-regulated to be 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the skin temperature that the brain perceives as neutral, resulting in a reduction in tactile stimulation of the skin. In addition, floaters have the option to reduce the amount of visual and auditory sensory input as much as desired. This ranges from total sensory deprivation, with no light and no sound, to a floatation experience accompanied by soft colored lighting and music. We have various musical selections ranging from ultra-relaxing new age vibrational healing frequencies to downtempo electronic to classic rock, and offer floaters the option of bringing their own playlist on an mp3 player. Chair massage & reflexology by Boma Kalio available with at least one day advanced notice of appointments. Massage and reflexology sessions are 30 minutes and take place after the floatation session. Call for more details, pricing, or to make an appointment! More >>

  • AIDS Outreach Center

    AIDS Outreach Center

    400 n. beach st. Fort Worth, TX 76111
    817-335-1994 A group of passionate volunteers from the GLBT community in Fort Worth banded together to establish an all-volunteer agency to provide end of life services for individuals with AIDS. Volunteer attorneys helped with drawing up wills and therapists provided much needed emotional support. More >>

  • Allure at Chandler’s Landing

    Allure at Chandler’s Landing

    501 Yacht Club Drive Rockwall, TX 75032
    972-771-3600 Rockwall's new home for lakeside dining! Casual dinner available at our bar and outside patio, while formal dinner is available in our spacious dining room overlooking the lake. Our downstairs banquet hall is perfect for weddings, events, and large dinner parties! We are always open to the public and offer waterfront seats overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard! More >>

  • Amelia Court Clinic

    1936 Amelia Court Dallas, TX 75235

  • American Eyewear

    American Eyewear

    8309 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75225
    214-750-5793 For over 30 years American Eyewear has set the standard for optical shopping in Dallas. One of the very few non-chain retail optical shops to offer state of the art laboratory services, including on-site manufacturing of progressive multifocals, bifocals, and single vision lenses. With an overwhelming wealth of experience, American Eyewear offers exceptional care for its customers. And with over 1000 frames and sunglasses on-hand, customers have an incredibly wide selection to choose from, including leading brand names such as Oliver Peoples, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Pro Design, And Paul Frank. There is no doubt why Dallasites have chosen American Eyewear for their optical needs for over 30 years. More >>

  • American Foundation for the Blind

    11030 Ables Lane Dallas, TX 75229
    212-352-7222 The American Foundation for the Blind Center on Vision Loss, located in Dallas, Texas, is a unique part of AFB dedicated to helping the 25 million Americans with vision loss find resources, professional services, and workable solutions to many issues related to living independently. More >>

  • American National Bank

    2703 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219

  • Ameriprise Financial - Wolfe, Lehman & Associates

    305B W Spring Creek Pkwy Plano, TX 75023
    972-372-2905 Are you looking for ways to reach your financial goals in today's volatile market? Whether you’re saving for retirement, college for your kids or other needs, you may be unsure about what to do next or whether you can do anything at all. That's where we can help. We'll take the time to listen to you and understand your goals and dreams. We'll help you build a plan to get back on track toward reaching them. Working together, we will work to find investing opportunities in today’s uncertain market that are aligned with your financial goals. Together, we can bring your dreams more within reach. More >>

  • Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

    801 E. Campbell Road Richardson, TX 75081

  • AMS Production Group

    16986 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75248-1920

  • Animal Adoption Center of Garland

    Animal Adoption Center of Garland

    117 N. Garland Ave. Garland, TX 75040

  • The Apartment

    1444 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75207

    The Apartment epitomizes a "new luxury" that is smart, pared down, and tempered with a healthy dose of wit and irony – in short, an event space with modern sex appeal. For sit-down dinners and luncheons, The Apartment seats a maximum of 175 people excluding the Lobby. For cocktail parties and stand-up events, The Apartment can accommodate 250 people. More >>

  • Architectural Wall Systems

    10999 Petal St. Dallas, TX 75238-2424

  • Art of Combat

    14720 Webb Chapel Dallas, TX 75234

    Eclectic martial arts classes including boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and ninjitsu. More >>

  • Artisanal Beverage Company

    4803 Mill Creek Place Dallas, TX 75244-6913
    972-387-4531 Artisanal Beverage Import & Sales Co. specializes in selling and marketing hand-crafted beers, wines and spirits. More >>

  • ASAP Limousine Service LP

    300 North Mill St. Lewisville, TX 75056
    972-459-5757 Ride in comfort and style and know your trip will be seamless. ASAP Executive Transportation, LLC, is ready to serve you and provide the very best limousine transportation in Dallas, Texas, as well as Fort Worth and surrounding areas. More >>

  • Aspire Health Clinic

    10440 N. Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75231

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