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  • Dallas Bike Works

    4875 W. Lawther Drive Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75214

  • Energy Fitness

    2901 Cityplace W. Blvd. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Exall Recreation Center

    Exall Recreation Center

    1355 Adair St. Dallas, TX 75204

  • The Girls Room

    1921-1/2 Studio B Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-821-0123 Have you ever had fantasies of becoming a stripper, except not really because you have children/want to run for office someday/can’t walk in 5-inch clear heels? Enter The Girls Room, a Lower Greenville studio where you can learn the fine art of pole dancing in a totally non-threatening environment. They even have “Booty Pop” classes so you -- and your entire bachelorette party -- can learn to twerk it like a video girl. More traditional cardio and aerobics classes are also offered, but what’s the fun in that? More >>

  • Lakewood Country Club

    Lakewood Country Club

    1912 Abrams Road Dallas, TX 75214
    214-821-1491 Nestled into one of Dallas’ most desirable neighborhoods, this prestigious private country club is one of the oldest in the region. It’s home to a championship golf course co-designed by pro golfer Ben Crenshaw, a clubhouse with a fancy formal dining room, a wine room and a bar, a swimming pool and multiple tennis courts, not to mention a state-of-the-art fitness center. Sounds right up your alley? Well, you’ve gotta be invited to score a membership at this haven for old money, so you'd better get to schmoozing. More >>

  • Playtri

    6465 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75214

  • Ridgewood-Belcher Recreation Center

    6818 Fisher Road Dallas, TX 75214-1755
    214-670-7115 While it’s certainly no Hurricane Harbor, the Splash Park at this White Rock rec center is definitely a step up from your garden hose. The large amoeba-shaped expanse has plenty of sprayers and fountains for kids and adults alike to frolic and get some relief from the scorching summer temperatures (through Labor Day). It also has a playground, picnic tables and an indoor gym for volleyball and basketball that’s open year-round. More >>

  • Samuell Grand Tennis Center

    Samuell Grand Tennis Center

    6200 E. Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75223
    214-670-1374 Located near White Rock Lake, the city’s largest public tennis center is probably a good place to start if you have dreams of becoming the next Andre Agassi on a budget. Classes are offered for every age group from toddlers to seniors, and every level of play from first-timers to wannabe pros. Closed just three days a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day), Samuell Grand is raring to go with 18 full-size courts and a fully stocked pro shop whenever you’ve got the itch to hit some balls. More >>

  • Tenison Park Golf Course

    Tenison Park Golf Course

    3501 Samuel Blvd. Dallas, TX 75223
    214-670-1402 Located just a stone’s throw off Interstate 30, this expanse of tree-lined fairways, putting greens and sand traps is owned by the city of Dallas, which means the course fees are reasonable. The 18 holes are fairly compact, so no need to worry about heat stroke when walking the course in the scorching summer months. There’s also a golf shop where you can pick up snazzy golf pants or replace that driver you accidentally tossed into the lake. More >>

  • Tietze Park

    Tietze Park

    2850 Skillman St. Dallas, TX 75206
    214-670-1380 Serene and green with plenty of shady trees, this Lakewood park boasts an impressive array of amenities, including a playground, picnic tables, a basketball court and a softball field that both host plenty of league games, and lots of wide open spaces to play Frisbee with your dog. On those most scorching of summer days (you know, pretty much all of them?), pony up five bucks and gain access to a huge public pool, which is not so great for swimming laps but excellent for splashing around while cooling down. More >>

  • Uptown Energy Fitness

    2901 Cityplace W Blvd. Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75204

  • Uptown Energy Fitness

    2901 Cityplace W Blvd. Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75204

  • The Village Country Club

    The Village Country Club

    8308 Southwestern Blvd. Dallas, TX 75206-1504
    214-772-3100 Located in The Village Apartments, The Village Country Club is exclusive to the residents of the apartments and their guests - though we hear that some folks keep coming back to haunt this bar long after they've moved to other habitations. In addition to the restaurant and bar, the club features amenities for residents like a fitness center, a walking trail, a practice putting green complete with driving area for golfers and free Wi-Fi. Village Country Club's bar and lounge area features enough tables to accommodate a large crowd, a full bar, several flat screen TVs and pool tables. Also, outside there's a swimming pool and another bar. The club hosts special events for residents (and their guests) like movie nights, live concerts and themed parties. More >>