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  • Bowl & Barrel

    Bowl & Barrel

    8084 Park Lane Dallas, TX 75231
    214-363-2695 Go ahead. Play with your food. Dallas’s newest modern American tavern is designed to delight the most discerning foodies and beer connoisseurs — while offering a bowling experience unparalleled in the DFW Metroplex. Boutique bowling wouldn’t be complete without an exceptional dining experience. Bowl & Barrel serves up an impressive selection of appetizers, entrées, salads and desserts that are sure to strike your fancy. More >>

  • Dreyfuss Club

    Dreyfuss Club

    610 E. Lawther Dallas, TX 75231

  • Karizmah Studio

    10420 Plano Road Dallas, TX 75238

  • Park Lane Ranch

    8787 Abrams Road Dallas, TX 75231

  • Sharky's

    7402 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75231-4539

  • Top Golf

    Top Golf

    8787 Park Lane Dallas, TX 75231
    214-341-9600 Golf and getting drunk go hand in hand (at least, if you’re not on the PGA Tour), and the creators of Top Golf clearly had that synergy in mind when they created this amusement center for Tiger wannabes. Rain or shine, couples congregate at this two-level driving range to whack a few balls -- which are tracked by some sort of magical computer system, so you can tell how badly you’re losing -- and throw back a bucket o’ beers or a few vodka sodas, delivered by the flirty female waitstaff who are a helluva lot more attractive than your average caddy. More >>

  • White Rock Stables

    8949 Lanshire Drive Dallas, TX 75238
    214-348-3110 The hubbub of nearby Northwest Highway seems a million miles away when you’re roaming the grounds of this grassy historic landmark, where many of the city’s well-to-do horse owners store their animals and come to ride them. The real attraction for mere mortals, though, is a chance to spot the illustrious peacocks strutting their stuff around the grounds. We’re pretty sure it’s seven years good luck if you spot a rare white one (plus it makes for a pretty awesome Instagram op). More >>