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  • American Airlines Center

    American Airlines Center

    2500 Victory Ave Dallas, TX 75219
    214-222-3687 Shiny and new, like a freshly minted gold coin; more luxurious than a pimp's RV; more HD sets than Mark Cuban's bathroom. Where all the top-o'-pops acts play, if that's what you call the Eagles and Dave Matthews Band; also, very sportsy. Still, it's a tad too big for the little people, who sit high enough to touch jetliners. More >>

  • AT&T Plaza

    AT&T Plaza

    2500 Victory Ave Dallas, TX 75219-7601

  • Gold's Gym

    2425 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75201

  • Grigg's Field

    2100 Clark St. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Performance Playground

    4152 Cole Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

  • Rockstar Fitness (Downtown Dallas - Farmers Market)

    920 S. Harwood St. Dallas, TX 75201

  • Sammons Park

    2403 Flora St. Dallas, TX 75201

  • Sisu Uptown Resort

    Sisu Uptown Resort

    2508 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75201

    Sisu Uptown Resort is one of the few Uptown aqua lounges that does not require a club membership. Open to the general public, Sisu's pool accommodates people looking to swim year round, and can easily shift from indoor club to outdoor party, depending on the season. A haven for Dallas' least modest bikini-wearing socialites, Sisu's multiple bars and DJ booth make the large lounge the perfect location for the dozens of year-round fashion shows, DJ spinoffs and raffle events it hosts. More >>

  • Title Boxing Club

    4140 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, TX 75219