97.1 The Eagle Presents BFD 2018

97.1 The Eagle Presents BFD 2018



Past Event

Location Info:

Dos Equis Pavilion
1818 First Ave.
Dallas, TX  75210
Since Edgefest went away with the Edge going off the air a couple of years ago, the Eagle's annual summer event picks up the slack. This year, it's A Perfect Circle headlining a bill with seven other bands, including Stone Temple Pilots, Theory of a Deadman and Candlebox. APC has a fresh new record to promote and play new songs from called Eat the Elephant. They're a worthy headliner, as they continue to be a good bridge for people who love Maynard James Keenan's voice, but can't quite get into his other projects, namely, Tool. Stone Temple Pilots are embarking on a strong return with a new vocalist named Jeff Gutt. He has the stage presence and pipes to replace the voices of Scott Weiland and Chester Benington. The rest of the BFD line-up you can take or leave, but since this is BFD, expect the lengthy show to be a good day out with friends and drinks.
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