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Sheraton Dallas
400 Olive St.
Dallas, TX  75201-4005
If you don’t understand anime, you’re not alone. The National Institute of Pop Culture Fandom Trends estimates that at least a quarter of Americans look at some form of Japanese anime with a face resembling a teenage girl watching an old episode of The Lawrence Welk Show. Get up to speed with this deep and entertaining animation movement at AnimeFest at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, 400 N. Olive St. This four-day convention features events, panels and activities for all anime fans, from beginners who just started getting into the medium to experienced watchers who can recite every line of dialogue from every episode of One Punch Man. The convention will give fans the chance to compete for prizes in cosplay contests and game shows, meet the people behind some of their favorite anime series and movies, and mingle with fellow fans at dances and gaming mixers. AnimeFest runs from Thursday, Aug. 17, through Sunday, Aug. 20. Early bird tickets at the Tier 1 level are $30 per person, four-day membership passes are $70 per person and child memberships for attendees ages 8 to 12 are $15. Passes can be purchased online at


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