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Big-beat, hip-hop-flavored pop is having a moment. Ariana Grande is smack dab in the center of this new approach to radio bangers: Her singing voice is malleable and beyond reproach, her coy image feels somehow both carefully fabricated and accessible, and her singles all feel like parties — fleshed out with a litany of on-point collaborations and glittery, hi-res production flair. There’s no pretense or posturing in Grande’s deliveries; just cooly rendered one-hitters engineered to lift moods and sell out stadiums. Don’t trust anyone who says sugary pop like this is fodder for the kids, because losing yourself in unabashedly fun music is a form of entertainment with no age requirement or shelf life. Those with consciously hip, inhibited music taste should stay clear. Everyone else: Hop the velvet rope and let’s have some fun.
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