Beginner Beyonce Ballet Thursdays

Beginner Beyonce Ballet Thursdays

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Arts Mission Oak Cliff
410 S. Windomere
Dallas, Texas 
Your dreams of becoming a ballerina were dashed when you realized that, well, that shit’s hard. Legit ballerinas contend with punishing practice routines, painful foot injuries and expectations that are just unrealistic for the vast majority of us. But you still harbor thoughts of dipping your toe in and trying out an assemblé without busting your butt. If that’s the case, get your tickets now for Beginner Beyonce Ballet Thursdays at Arts Mission Oak Cliff, 410 South Windomere. This summer, you can try out a beginner and budget-friendly ballet class that will give you all the basics while a killer soundtrack pumps in the background. And you can even get your groove on without investing in a pair of ballet shoes — socks are fine. Class kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 22, and goes through the whole summer. Tickets are $15 per class; find the event page on Facebook to buy tickets online.


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