Car Seat Headrest w/ Naked Giants

Car Seat Headrest w/ Naked Giants

Kenny Sun

Location Info:

2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75226
Car Seat Headrest was once the solo project of Will Toledo. He released his first album, simply titled 1, in mid-2010 on the popular underground music sharing service, Bandcamp. Since then, Toledo has released 9 more albums, two EPs, and was featured on two compilation albums. However, it was not until 2015 that Toledo and his pet project, now a full band, would be signed to Matador records. For some fans, this could’ve been the end of Car Seat Headrest as they knew it. Alas, Toledo once again took everyone by surprise upon the release of Teens of Denial. The album was an extremely candid conversation about drug use, existentialism, isolationism and poor choices. The weighty subject matter is balanced by Toledo’s wry lyricism and well executed instrumentation that never lulls. And you can never be sure whether he's singing to you, or just himself. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because the end product is provocative, and sometimes even emotional.
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