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The Wild Detectives
314 W 8th St
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX  75208
Did you ever consider that maybe the giant plate of meat you just ordered up at Pecan Lodge is a tool of the patriarchy? That’s a bitter pill to swallow — considering that you’d rather be taking down that storied brisket — but feminist, author, lecturer and activist Carol J. Adams wants you think about the links between meat and male dominance, ob-jectification and an “ends justifies the means” societal mindset that tolerates all manner of violence. Hear her out: It’s an interesting theory that emphasizes making connections, thinking critically and starting conversations. She’ll be at The Wild Detectives, 314 W. 8th St., as part of the WordSpace First Hearings series from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 12. She’ll be challenging and engaging the audience in celebration of her new collection of articles, essays and interviews: The Carol J. Adams Reader. Admission is free. Search the event on Facebook for additional information.


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