Citizens' Civil Academy

Citizens' Civil Academy

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Highland Hills Branch Library
6200 Bonnie View Rd.
Dallas, Texas  75241
Judge Staci Williams, Presiding Judge of the 101st District Court, announces the Fall 2016 dates for her free and non-partisan judicial outreach program, the Citizens’ Civil Academy. The purpose of the Citizens’ Civil Academy is to teach citizens about the civil court process and the inner workings of the George Allen, Sr., Courts Building. The Citizens’ Civil Academy will be held on three consecutive Saturday mornings, October 8th , October 15th and October 22nd from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Highland Hills Library, 6200 Bonnie View Road, Dallas, TX 75241. Register to attend the Citizens’ Civil Academy online at or by calling 214.509.6229. Judge Williams notes, “[P]eople know about the criminal courts. The news seems to emphasize on a daily basis criminal cases involving murder, assault, drugs, or drunk driving. There are fewer stories about the civil court process or civil cases.” In Dallas County, a civil district court may hear cases involving contracts, business disputes, motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation appeals. There are separate civil district courts that handle exclusively family or juvenile issues. And there are other state courts that handle civil issues such as probate, guardianship, mental health warrants, evictions, and foreclosure. Experienced trial attorneys William M. Toles, a partner at Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo and Spencer Browne, a partner at Reyes, Browne, Reilly, will conduct a mock “voir dire” (jury selection) so that participants will understand what happens when a citizen is called for jury duty and how individuals are selected to sit as a juror on a particular case. The following civil judges will participate in a panel discussion: • Judge Dale Tillery, 134th District Court; • Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon, 305th Juvenile District Court; • Judge Margaret Jones-Johnson, Dallas County Probate Court #3; and, • Judge Sarah Martinez, Justice of the Peace, Court 5-1. Judge Tammy Kemp, who is a criminal judge and presides over the 204th District Court, has agreed to participate in the discussion. Judge Staci Williams is the creator of the Citizens’ Civil Academy. Judge Williams is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC and Smith College in Northampton, MA. FB: Citizens’ Civil Academy


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