Cassandra Emswiler Burd and Lucia Simek


2017-09-04 04:00:00
Daily from September 2 until September 30
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833 Exposition Ave
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX  75226
Art Beef is pleased to announce the opening of Cleaver, an exhibition of new work by Dallas-based artists Cassandra Emswiler Burd and Lucia Simek, on view at BEEFHAUS, Sept 2 – 30. Cleaver   In the fall of 2014, Cassandra Emswiler Burd and Lucia Simek found themselves sitting next to one another in a cubicle, two artists tasked with wordsmithing. Through this unexpected proximity, each has witnessed a good bit of the other. Many exchanges about family, art, and identity have taken place over the past few years during some of the most tumultuous moments in American history—as well as their own lives. It follows that work by each artist should be brought together in the same space.    Cassandra is expecting a child in early November and will be leaving her post next to Lucia shortly after this exhibition closes.  Exhibition: September 2 – 30, 2017 Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9, 7 – 9 pm Contact Alison Starr for viewing: BEEFHAUS 833 Exposition Dallas, TX 75226


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