Conflict Resolution Author Series featuring Robyn Short

PEACE IN THE WORKPLACE Lecture & Book Signing Join the SMU Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management for the Conflict Resolution Author Series featuring Robyn Short. Join us for a lecture and book signing on the topic of Robyn Short’s new book, Peace in the Workplace. About the Book Peace in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration If you lead or manage people, processes or projects, you have experienced workplace conflict. After all, where there are people, there is conflict. And where there is conflict, there is a choice. In Peace in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration, international speaker, peace-building trainer and mediator Robyn Short provides insight and guidance to help leaders and organizations understand that conflict. On the Author An international speaker, peace-building trainer and mediator, Robyn Short works with individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations in discovering the root causes of their conflicts, so they may transform their relationships and create new and productive paths forward individually and as teams. She also works with community leaders and political and governmental leaders to develop grassroots efforts for building sustainable peace in areas of historic conflict. In this capacity, she has been featured in news outlets internationally. Robyn is the author of three books: Prayers for Peace, Peace People and Peace in the Workplace. Robyn is an avid blogger. The mission of her blog, The Bottom Line, is to inspire Americans to consciously choose a new mindset — a mindset that puts the care of humanity ahead of the care of Wall street; a mindset that puts nonviolence before violence; a mindset that puts healing before punishment; a mindset that builds peace. She also writes about conflict management and dispute resolution on her corporate website. Robyn is currently a Liberal Studies doctoral candidate at Southern Methodist University. She holds a Master in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University with a focus in 15th century European history. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Auburn University. Robyn is a practicing mediator with expertise in transformative mediation practices, victim / offender mediation and restorative justice. Robyn is the founder and publisher of GoodMedia Press.


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