Crate Diggers First Anniversary

Location Info:

Double Wide
3510 Commerce St
Dallas, TX  75226
What happens when you spend an entire year gathering contacts on some of the most beloved local bands in Dallas? You get to throw one hell of a party when you reach the first year anniversary mark. That’s what the music blog Crate Diggers plans on doing when they celebrate their first anniversary at the Double Wide, 3510 Commerce St. The music blog will throw a concert and party featuring some of the most beloved local musicians and groups in the entire city like Ty Richards, Northern National, Bravo, Max! and Dan Rocha Jr. And you can’t have an authentic Texas rock show without some quality Texas booze to go with it. So all night, the show will sell $2 Lone Star tallboys and $5 shots of Terremoto tequila. The show kicks off at 9 p.m. Friday, May 12. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased online at
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