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Rough Creek Lodge & Resort
1435 Private Road 1256
Iredell, TX  76649
Welcome to Rough Creek Lodge, home of the 2011 Spartan World Championship. The familiar terrain of sprawling hunting grounds keeps Spartans coming back year after year. The terrain is both beautiful and an obstacle in itself -- with cacti along the trail every step of the way, and amazing views. To get to those views though, you’ll have to conquer the hills utilized early and often. This course is also known to continuously throw the unexpected at racers, including double bucket carries and drastic temperature changes. It is also the only venue that holds the Elite Heat Team Challenge with cash prizes, so round up three of your friends and experience obstacles designed specially for four-person teams. TOP REASONS TO TAKE ON THIS COURSE: 1. It is a proven venue that promises the unexpected —just because you’ve run it before means nothing. This course changes more than most established venues, always keeping you on your toes. 2. This is the only venue with the Elite Team Challenge. In addition to the individual obstacles, four-person obstacles are designed for teams to complete on the team-only marked sections of the course. 3. The on-site accommodations are excellent. Rough Creek Lodge has activities from zip lining, rock climbing, horseback riding and tomahawk throwing, to spas and golfing. Just make sure you book early! 4. A chance to get out of the city. The venue is far enough from Dallas that you will find more fresh air, cactus and rabbits, than honking horns and concrete buildings. With such little light pollution at the ranch, it has excellent star gazing. 5. Load up on those Trifectas. Texas is one of the few states with the opportunity to get one or more Trifectas without traveling outside of the state. Complete the Beast in Dallas and Super in Austin, with both venues also offering Sprints. *The pricing table below reflects Afternoon Start time prices only. Elite and Morning Start times will have an additional cost.


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